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The World Government in the Middle East
No Nukes For Moslems.

by James Leroy Wilson
March 25, 2004

The problem begins with the schools - and no, not the bad ones. It is those adults who received a good education who are helping to bankrupt America through increased entitlements and overseas wars - and it‘s not even their fault. A good school will teach a child at least the basics of reading, writing, mathematics, and the natural sciences. A child’s experience in the world will bear out that what he has been taught in school is indeed true.

So, when he is taught history in high school and college, he learns that:

1. Lincoln did not fight the Civil War to free the slaves, but to preserve the Union, because only then could the Constitution be preserved.

2. American isolationism and refusal to join the League of Nations in 1920 helped cause World War II.

3. Unfettered capitalism was the cause of the Great Depression.

How can a student possibly disbelieve any of this? What outside knowledge, or what innate reasoning ability does he have to understand economics and statecraft enough to see right through these lies? Of course he’s going to believe these and many other myths. This isn’t the nonsense of the post-modernists and Marxists which the discerning conservative student could see right through. This is, rather, the dogma that everyone knows. This is the real “Political Correctness.”

Because these are the pillars of the nationalist Welfare-Warfare State. It may veer to the right, or to the left, but no matter who’s in charge, the federal government, and all government, just gets bigger.

And who does this benefit? The world government.

Now, I don’t know if there is a real world “government” run by real people consciously serving it. If there is, it is becoming more arrogant and brazen, such as installing two Skull-and-Bonesers to run for President. And in not firing CIA chief George Tenet yet - not even as a convenient scapegoat - despite the “genocide” in Kosovo and the WMD’s in Iraq.

Whereas I once dismissed all conspiracy theory, now I’m an agnostic - neither believing any of them nor disbelieving all of them. I could see the possibility of an elite culture that says to itself: “We are the few, we are the privileged, we have responsibilities to preserve world order and stability.” Media and corporate elites, secret societies, intelligence agencies, and intellectual elites in government and academia may therefore be conscience-bound to value secrecy over truth, loyalty over law, and trans-national interests over national Constitutions, if it serves the greater good. Their networks and associations would make up the World Government, and their sometimes knowing, sometimes unknowing, agents are United Nations bureaucrats and the political leaders of the developed world.

Now, maybe none of that is true and there are no conspiracies or a visible human World Government. If that is the case, then the world government is instead the relentless logic of the Destructive Hand of some sort of Devil.

The purpose of the world government is to manage the course of the impoverished developing world, so that nobody gets too big, too fast, and therefore “destabilize” the system. Another way to say this, is that the world government exists to prevent:

1. religious people from gaining power anywhere;

2. genuine local democracy (because average people are too backward, stupid, and yes, religious);

3. any nationalist or democratic threat to the interests of Western mega-corporations.

Localism, religion, and freedom are just not acceptable to the World Government, whose worldview is that world peace and prosperity, though a long-term goal, can come about through the god Reason. Those cultures that do not embrace so-called liberal-democratic values do not, according to the World Government, even have the right to exist - though they must be dealt with pragmatically.

Which should explain what we are doing in the Middle East. Yes, there’s the oil question. And the religion question - the World Government doesn’t want to screw up and see another Iran again. And then there’s the pseudo-racist Imperialist presumption that “backward” cultures like Arab states require our supervision - that they should be “democratic” only in ways the World Government thinks is fit. The idea that “democratic” means respecting national sovereignty or local control isn’t part of that equation.

And the ultimate means of doing this is to protect the one Western beachhead there - Israel. Israel is in many ways the creation of the World Government - and I say this not in anti-Semitic terms but rather that its alignment with the West provides a convenient means for the World Government to dominate Arab states.

While the World Government lost China and the Far East, it can keep the backward peoples of Latin America and Africa down (until they’re ready for “democracy) through tariffs, foreign aid, and the World Bank. The Middle East is more important, because of the oil. It must be directly controlled. Israel’s military might is necessary, but insufficient, to this end.

Yes, Israel has demonstrated that it can defend itself from attack. And it also has nuclear weapons. And this is exactly what the World Government’s policy is about. Gary North has reminded us:

“The Israelis could launch a pre-emptory nuclear strike against Mecca and Medina. The primary symbols of Islam would be reduced to radioactive dust. If the Israelis used a cobalt-tipped bomb, Muslims could not visit Mecca for millennia. Yet Muslims are told to do so at least once in a lifetime.

This tactic is Israel’s trump card strategically. Everyone in power in the Middle East knows it, but no one ever mentions it publicly. Muslims venerate Mecca and Medina and their monuments. When veneration becomes superstition, monuments become primary military targets for the enemy. If the Jews blast Mecca’s rock into radioactive dust, the fallout will be more than radioactive dust. It could be the end of Islam.”

If a Moslem country - any Islam-dominated country - had the means to strike back at Israel with nuclear force, then Israel would face … a deterrent. Nuclear weapons even the playing field.

Israel might be able to defeat its enemies when they invade through conventional military means. And they now have a nuclear deterrent from attack. But they don’t have the might to conquer their enemies in order to prevent them from producing their own deterrent. They need help - the World Government - to make sure this never happens.

Arab peoples, and Muslims generally, simply can’t be trusted with self-government, which includes self-defense and national sovereignty. They are backward religious fanatics, aren‘t they? Israel’s nuclear supremacy means she holds the trump card, and their Arab neighbors will be virtually powerless and humiliated.

But it is the raw force of the World Government - in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in alliance with Pakistan, that will send a message to nations across the Middle East and the entire Moslem world. When we mean pre-emptive war, we don’t mean, “don’t start developing nuclear weapons,” we mean, literally, “don’t even think about it.”

A country with a nuclear weapons deterrent is a nation that can enjoy self-determination. But self-determination has always been the last thing on the World Government’s mind, and it has educated generations of Westerners to be at best suspicious of the concept. But fortunately, the World Government is not long for this world. It’s supposed liberal-democratic ideals are in reality the hope that deficits don’t matter and that government can spend, spend, spend, forever. But this is false, and the United States is doomed if it stays on that course - forty years, tops. And after it self-destructs, the World Government is finished.

What happens next is impossible to predict.

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