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What Would Jesus Do? Team up with Porn directors?

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
April 4, 2004

(If you missed the reports on CNN and FoxNews, this really must sound the bull from the heartland and not just addressing it, but please read on.)

OK, I don’t have a direct round trip line to Jesus, but I gotta think that if he hung out with the prostitutes, tax collectors, and the riff-raff of his time, he would do the same in 2004. Craig and Mike are two guys involved in that type of ministry. They love people for who they are and who they can be in Jesus Christ. I like that. Then you have JimmyD and Tyler. These guys are some of the best at what they do. They make porn movies. Not my choice, but hang in there for just a minute.

Craig, Mike, Tyler and JimmyD happen to meet at a pornography convention in Las Vegas where Craig and Mike were sharing Bibles with convention participants and Tyler and Jimmy were sharing, well, their wares on big screen plasma TV’s. As folks will do who are sharing the neighboring booths, they began to visit and found that they had a similar passion. The passion was to keep pornography out of the hands of children. One thing led to another and earlier this year, an anti-porn Public Service Announcement geared towards children hit the airwaves.

The PSA is, in part, the brainchild of, which was founded by Craig and Mike. Craig and Mike just happen to be two youth pastors, Craig Gross of Fireproof Ministries and Mike Foster of Crossroads Christian Church. Both are located in Corona, CA. The two pastors are convinced that the church is not doing enough to fight the use and spread of pornography.

According to the ministries website: “The sad truth is that with easy access to pornography, children are more susceptible to obtaining it. As adults we have a responsibility to protect children and do whatever we can to make sure pornography does not end up in the hands of kids. XXXchurch's challenge to parents is to really think about what you are doing. Are you helping this problem or are you contributing to it? Do you have pornography in your house? Do you have porn on your computer, in your drawers, or playing on your TV? Do you really think your kids won't find it? XXXchurch is committed to safeguarding minors and are calling upon parents and adults to get rid of your porn stash. Your adult product has become your kid’s problem so say NO to pornography for Pete's sake!”

The other side of the equation is Tyler and JimmyD. These guys took time out of their filming schedule to join forces with the ministry of JimmyD, who is really James DiGiorgio, said joining forces with the pastors was "like you stepped into an alternate reality." But the issue of keeping porn out of the hands of kids is important for this father of two. "This stuff is not for kids, like liquor and cigarettes are not for kids. We have to take extraordinary steps to protect them from it."

As you might guess, the porn industry has given Tyler and JimmyD grief for their participation with two youth ministers. And the mainstream churches have criticized these two creative youth pastors because they think the guys work too closely with pornographers. That’s thinking outside of the box to me.

I can’t speak for the porn industry but let me address a thought to the churches that proclaim the name of Jesus and are critical of the means being taken by these two youth pastors. Is Jesus concerned about the filth of porn spreading over children, maybe even your children? YES! Did Jesus use out of the ordinary methods to deal with issues of his day? YES! What Would Jesus Do? I think that Pastor Craig Gross and Pastor Mike Foster have already answered that.

And that’s no bull.

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