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Mother's Day Reflections
There are a few things more important than politics.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
May 9, 2004

(I have decided to take a break from "addressing the bull from the heartland"  this week.  There are a few things more important than politics.  I am addressing one of those issues here.  From the softer side of Mr. Moo)

Dear Mom,
Well, it's Mother's Day and I am in one part of the country and you are in another.  We are too far apart to drive and have dinner with you.  Darn it.  It's been a long time since I had one of your meals.  Never had to be fancy.  Could be cereal and fruit at breakfast, build your own sandwiches at lunch (especially if there was a ballgame on TV), and meat loaf for supper. Meal time didn't seem to be about eating. Don't get me wrong.  I never went without eating.  It was about love all over the room.  It was about laughter.  It was about telling terrible jokes. Dad's joke about the 3-legged chicken comes to mind.  And it was about discussing local issues.  National issues.  World issues. There have been many times since I left home back then that I wish I could have been chowing down on dinner and discussing an upcoming election. 
There were times growing up that you and Dad would take us to visit family.  I remember the house your folks lived in.  It was right across the street from the high school.  Brother and I would squeeze through the gate at the football field and pretend we were winning the national championship.  Telling you about it and seeing you get as excited as we were was almost as fun as the pretend game.  There were times with other family members and you used those times for fun and for teaching us unconditional love. There was that time when you and I addressed my high school class on the fact there was no such thing as a generation gap only a communication gap.  Remember?  There were times that you came to my support when I was experiencing what I thought was hell-on-earth. There were times that we would disagree.  Plenty of times.  Oh, that's a parent-child thing, but sometimes I realize now that it was really stupid for me to open my mouth and change feet. 
But then it was time to move away and have my own family.  I found a girl that was kind of like you.  In one way, she was very much like you. She has put up with me for a long time.  The family turned out pretty good.  But hey, I had pretty good example to fall back on.  Now, my family is grown up and away from home.  I don't like that but I don't like the miles between us either. 
Well, Mom, I need to get back to the less important things in life and leave this note.  Hope your day is special and remember, in my mind it should always be Mother's day.  I love you, Mom.  

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