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iTunes Without Icons
Why the iTunes Music Store is missing the classics.

by Dr. Spin
May 31, 2004

Is it true that the song “Suicide Solution” has satanic messages in it and has a line "get the gun shoot shoot?"
Dear person with no name,
As far as I can tell Ozzy Osbourne’s “Suicide Solution” is about alcoholism, not suicide. It does not contain the lyric “get the gun, shoot shoot,” unless that is what you supposedly hear when you play it backwards. I have found it very hard to believe that any artist went through the trouble to find lyrics that said one thing played forward and something else when played backwards. I also don’t believe that people kill themselves because a song tells them to do it. Any individual who commits suicide because that’s the message they hear listening to a record has deeper problems way before they “hear” such a message.

Dear Dr. Spin,

Why doesn't the iTMS (iTunes Music Store) have some "older" music? For example, from what I can tell they have everything from Aerosmith's second coming, but NOTHING from the 70's: Toys in the Attic, Rocks, Draw the Line, etc. Even their double CD "Ultimate Aerosmith Hits" is a partial album with just six newer songs! And, of course, what about Zeppelin? Did Swan Song officially announce they weren't going to put their music online like The Beatles did?

I'm only 37 years old. I actually enjoy (AND purchase) a lot of newer music: Guano Apes, Morcheeba, Portishead, The Crystal Method, Supreme Beings of Leisure. So I'm not stuck in the 70's, 80's, or even the 90's. But there is some good, older music that I'd like to purchase online and NOT steal. Why won't iTMS let me do that? Or is it the record companies? Or maybe the individual bands themselves?

What's the scoop?

Dear Rob,
As much as it pains me to admit this, I have never been to iTunes. Why? Because I have a very old computer that can’t support iTunes. Sad, but true. That being said, I really can’t answer your question. I would suspect that a lot of older bands do not want their albums on iTunes, because they do not want people to “cut and paste” their music in ways they never intended. This would make sense for albums such as Sgt. Pepper or Tommy, but the vast majority of 60’s and 70’s could be cut and spliced for those of us that may not like every song on the “White Album” (“Revolution #9”, anybody?)
My suggestion would be to write to iTunes directly and find out why they don’t offer more of the older stuff; perhaps they are marketing too much to the younger generation, figuring us old farts are still holding on to vinyl LP’s (“from my cold dead hands!”). I highly doubt iTMS is behind this, and would guess the fault lies with either the record companies or the individual bands. Perhaps a petition would help these bands get into the 21st century and realize their music needs to adapt to the new technology if they wish to be remembered.

Silverchair doesn't get any mention in "Thunder from Down Under: An American view of Australian Rock."????
Dear Angry Aussie Rocker,
My apologies, I did fail to mention Silverchair. Silverchair got more notoriety because of their age (they were all about fifteen when their debut album was released) than their music. This is not to say they weren’t good, but their age made them somewhat of a novelty. Again, there were no brothers in the act, so they haven’t really achieved the fame some of the other Aussie bands have.

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