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Pro-Life is Not Pro-Bush
There is more than one issue in this campaign.

by Jonathan Wilson
June 22, 2004

Pro-Life is Not Pro-Bush_Jonathan Wilson-There is More than One Issue in This Campaign I have just received a soliciation from a national Pro-Life advocacy group. A young lady with excellent telephone manners thanked me for my previous donation. She then went on to give the spiel, that President Bush was pro-life and that pro-abortion advocates were vowing to unseat him, so with 5 months left to go before the election we all needed to do our part to see Bush re-elected. Would I be willing to make another contribution?

My reply was, "I'm pro-life, but not pro-Bush, so thank you anyway," click.

I could have tied up this young woman's phone line with a sermon. I decided it would be unfair to her. Instead, I will share what was on my mind with all of you on the Partial Observer.

You see, I am pro-life. I have participated in walk-a-thons to help Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Chicago. That meant raising money. And that meant being rebuffed by Church-going people who do not share my views.

Being pro-life does not mean I lack sympathy or understanding for other points of view. I understand that there is a great deal of diversity, that there is a spectrum of convictions. On that spectrum I end up on the pro-life side. Abortion is traumatic, and those women who choose abortions need to receive proper medical care in addition to proper emotional care.

Pro-life does not make me Pro-Bush. Recently I have seen an e-mail post, a satire of neo-conservatives called "What You Must Believe to be a Republican." I carry no card for the Republican Party, but in all fairness, that post should have read instead "What You Must Believe to be a Neo-Conservative." As far as the neo-conservatives, they are the people Bush has surrounded himself with, and they are the reasons why I will not vote for Bush in the next election.

Here is why I am not seeking Bush's re-election:

I am Pro-life. I am also Pro Geneva Conventions.

I am Pro-life, but I am Anti-Abu Ghraib.

I am Pro-life, not only for Americans but for Iraqis as well.

I am Pro-life, and I also recognize the sickening lack of proportion in our enforcement of capital punishment.

I am Pro-life, and I see up close that the No Child Left Behind law is a mechanism by which all students in a school will be punished for the poor performance of a few.

I am Pro-life, and I do not see how spirialling annual deficits and a ballooning national debt is creating a positive situation in adulthood for all those babies I'm trying to save today.

I am Pro-life, but this election is about so much more.

About the Author:
Jonathan Wilson is the Pastor of Cuyler Covenant Church in Chicago.

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