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The Swamp Invitational: Why Bush, or Why Kerry?
Your opportunity to educate James Leroy Wilson on the difference between the two.

by James Leroy Wilson
July 1, 2004

The Swamp Invitational: Why Bush, or Why Kerry?_James Leroy Wilson-Your Opportunity to Educate James Leroy Wilson on the Difference Between the Two Longtime readers, and newer ones, may by now be aware of my disgust with the "two-party system" - that is, the two-party monopoly - that rules our country. I can not in good conscience vote for either President Bush or Senator Kerry. From their agreement on McCain-Feingold persecution of dissenters, to Bush's steel tariffs, to Kerry's "national service," to their agreement that America should dominate the world by military might, I find both men's visions and principles, to the extent they exist, to be immoral, repulsive, and unfit for any decent, thinking person.

Most people apparently disagree. Even so, there's been a dearth of support for either guy at the Partial Observer. Yes, some poetry has exalted the virtues of the sitting President while bashing his predecessor, and another regular writer has come about in support of Kerry, mainly because he isn't Bush. But this site - unintentionally - has leaned toward the libertarian, which is a point of view neither conservative nor liberal, neither Democrat nor Republican. It is rather a position that opposes all infringements of liberty, whether from social engineering, economic interference, high taxation, or military involvement overseas.

But this is not the majority view. Most readers apparently have some faith in the two-party system. They will read this column, for instance, and might find it interesting but ultimately unpersuasive.

But I don't think there is a forum for the true-blue Kerry believers to make there case for a Kerry Presidency, nor for the true-red Bush believers to state their case for re-election.

Why is this so? I suspect that there is a level of intimidation: No matter how insightful their remarks might be, how logical their arguments, and how well they have written, many are still afraid to publish their comments. It is hard to carefully craft every word, only to see a letter-writer dismissively put it down.

So here's an offer: I will lend you "Swamp" space for free! If you believe that a Bush re-election, or a Kerry Presidency, will be good for the country, write down your thoughts and e-mail them to me. You can trash libertarians in making your case. You can attack me personally. You can also throw ad hominem attacks at the other side, but if you do this, please remember that the average IQ of PO readers is probably above 100.

And here's the guarantee: you will not be made to answer for your errors. No matter how defamatory your article makes out the Libertartarian Party, Naderites, or the Constitution Party, you will be immune from criticism. Fire away, first come, first served. All that we ask is for your real name and a valid e-mail address (which will not be published). This is not a rule we will enforce, but a rule we will force upon your conscience: if you don't do this, you are a jerk and a coward.

Just remember that you have to be for Bush, or for Kerry, and that you think there are important, meaningful distinctions between the two. Your comments may be brief or article-length. In any case, I would appreciate any insight as to the differences between Bush and Kerry, in the eyes of their supporters. These comments will come at the end of my weekly Thursday column.

All of that said, I still doubt that there will be any takers. The differences between Bush and Kerry are too few and too minor. I anticipate any response to reflect partisan hatred rather than clear thinking. It is up to you to prove me wrong.

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