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Random Thoughts During Vacation
Bull doesn't take one, why should I?

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
July 18, 2004

Hey, it’s time for a little vacation.  But even while I’m on vacation, I find great things to write about.  But it’s all just random thoughts. 
Random Thought #1:  Whoopi was caught making sexually related jokes related to W.’s last name.  At what some GOP operatives are calling a “star-studded hate fest”, Goldberg made some off color jokes about “bushes”. I’ll let you do the research as to the specifics, if you really care. Her off-colored comments did cost her the endorsement contract with Slim-Fast, where she is called “the big loser”. I will say that at least she took the firing from Slim Fast’s parent company, Unilever, with class. Her comment? “I can appreciate what the Slim-Fast people need to do in order to protect their business…” But I do find the whole thing a little humorous. Imagine, someone named Whoopi getting in trouble for sexually related comments and someone’s name.  
Random Thought #2: Da Senate?  Mike Ditka choosing not to accept the appointment of the GOP to run for the US Senate in Illinois was front page news on Thursday. Proposed TV commercials would be set in a bar discussing football, then Ditka and would look like a SNL skit. “Da Bears? No, da Senator.” Next thing you’ll tell me is we could have an actor in the White House and a professional wrestler as governor. We did? Hey Mike, wanna reconsider? 
Random Thought #3: Here is something I never thought I’d say. Clinton showed some class. This week, Sen. Hillary chose not to speak at the Democratic National Convention, opting for a joint on-stage appearance with other female members of Washington’s upper chamber. She probably could have had the keynote address if she wanted it but chose not to pursue it. The junior senator from New York would have taken the spotlight away from and upstaged Kerry. If that was the reason, it was a class move by HRC. 
Random Thought #4: Regarding the marriage protection legislation debated in the Senate this week, where are all the constitutionalist in the Senate? Could it be John Sununu of NH standing by himself? Thanks, John. Of the 6 GOP members voting against the legislation, there was Sununu, 3 moderates (Chafee, Snowe, Collins), one retiring senator that used to be a Democrat (Nighthorse Campbell), and a maverick named McCain. Well, if the Dump Cheney movement gets any momentum, it won’t be the senator from Arizona who gets the call to replace him. 
And finally, two quotes this week really caught my attention. The president was being interviewed on ESPN and made a comment about Pete Rose and his Hall of Fame possibilities. Bush said, referring to Rose and the gambling issue, “I think that he needs to come clean and tell the truth.” Hey Mr. President, can you say WMD’s? The second was Sen. Kerry’s comments to the NAACP convention on Thursday, comparing himself to his VP choice, John Edwards.  My recollection of his comments goes like this: “We are both named John. We are both lawyers (he could have left that one out, IMHO). We are both senators.  John Edwards was selected a couple of years ago by People magazine as the sexiest politician alive. (Pause) I read People magazine.”
Next week: we’ll preview the Democratic Convention.  Kucinich folks won’t want to miss this one.    

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