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Realignment is Way Past Due
In dealing the troops and other things.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
August 22, 2004

Realignment is way past due_Richard "Mr. Moo" Moore-In dealing the troops and other things
This past week or so, the President announced that the United States was going to pull active duty 100,000 troops from spots around the world and bring them home to, among other things, take on the job of Homeland Security. In most cases, I would applaud that move that was long overdue.  The job of the military is national defense and not international defense or offence (as we see in Iraq). 
As I said this move would have been receiving two hoofs up, until the following day I heard Secretary Rumsfeld mention that he had been pushing for a massive troop withdrawal from the former hotspots overseas for three years. Now let the exposer of bull get this right. The Secretary of Defense, a man who President Bush said he had great confidence in, has been pushing for a troop reduction in Europe among other places since the first year of W.’s term. So why is it just now when the president decides to listen to and act on his advice? If the secretary had been pushing for this massive cutback in overseas troops before 9/11, before the announcement of the axis of evil, before the invasion of Iraq, why is it only now (less than 100 days before the election) that the announcement takes place? And why is it that the projected withdraw will not be completed until after the second term of W is over and brother Jeb is in his first term in the White House? Or should I say the completion of this project as projected will not be done until VP Edwards is launching his next bid for the White House?
And if the secretary was pushing for this for so long, why didn’t the president relocate those in these peaceful spots to Iraq, so that we would not have to interrupt the lives of weekend warriors? I know that their job is to be ready to fill in when they are needed but it is obvious by the announcement of the president that these men and women in the guard and reserves were not needed. 
I cannot help but think that this is the president’s way of getting a few undecided votes.  Yes, I am suspicious.  But why shouldn’t I be? Why shouldn’t everyone in this country be suspicious of this president? The troops overseas have been involved in protecting the borders of countries that can more than protect themselves for years. Why is only now that we see a concern about our military presence where it is not needed?
And where were the comments from the John John ticket? Do they have a clue or are they so wrapped up in the attacks on Kerry’s Vietnam experiences that they can’t focus on anything else? (At least Kerry had a Vietnam experience.) Kerry’s campaign responded by saying the redeployment plan is dangerous, as it would weaken American’s relationship with NATO and called out Gen. Wesley Clark (former NATO supreme commander) to defend the position of the campaign.   
Once again, I have to wonder. Are these the brightest and the best that the country has to offer? Maybe the realignment should start at home with the process that nominated these guys.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo is another vet fed up with the military being used in the century-old game of politics.

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