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Nothing To Say
The last words (I hope) about 'hidden' messages.

by Dr. Spin
September 6, 2004

Nothing To Say_Dr. Spin-The last words (I hope) about “hidden” messages
How can you lie to so many people? Play “Empty Spaces” by Pink Floyd backwards. It eventually says, "Congratulations, you have found the secret message. Send all answers to Old Pink, care of the funny farm." "Stairway to heaven" also has back masking, or I guess reverse speech because it wasn’t intentional. If you have a sound recorder, record the part where he sings "If there’s a bussle in your hedgerow" and keep recording until he says "There’s still time to change the road you're on", and reverse it, if you don’t believe it was accident, sing it yourself alone. It should sound remotely the same, the exact same if you match the pitch, and the fact that you can copy it shows it wasn’t on purpose, because for it to backmasking, in other words intentional, if would’ve have been edited in to the background of the song backwards. Perfect proof of backmasking. I’m not pointing this out because I don’t like rock, because rock is my second life, but I just thought it would be good for people to know because some songs have some funny stuff. Oh and the Beatles, if you look at their "Abby Road" album cover, there are the 4 Beatles dressed up. The first in white represents Jesus, the second the Preacher, the third is the new Paul, notice the cigarette in the right hand while Paul is a lefty and the last man is dressed as the grave digger. Anywho, please post this so people can learn some of the gags bands have pulled to maintain popularity, and so people will shut up about "Stairway to Heaven" being satanic. Thanks for the opportunity to say what I've been dying to say.

Matt Rohde
Dear Matt,
Thanks for writing half of my column for me! How many people am I lying to? I’m just curious about how big my readership is.
I never said there was no such thing as subliminal messages or backwards messages or “backmasking.” I said most people won’t hear the message unless you tell them what to listen for. I also said that most artists wouldn’t go through the trouble of backmasking because it is extremely difficult to come up with lyrics that will say one thing one way when played normal, and another thing when played backwards. And who came up with the idea of trying to play songs backwards to look for “hidden” messages anyway?
Finally, if you’re going to talk about the imagery of Abbey Road, get it right. John Lennon, dressed in white, supposedly represents the preacher. Ringo Starr, dressed in a black suit, represents the undertaker or a pallbearer, Paul, barefoot, is supposedly the corpse, while George Harrison is dressed as the grave digger/gardener. Also, if you look at the license plate of the VW Bug, (this is where 12” album covers are handy) it says, “28 IF,” Paul’s age IF he had lived. Paul is also out of step with the rest of the Beatles.
However, in 1969, when Abbey Road was released, Paul McCartney was 27. As right-handed person who used to smoke, it does not follow that right-handed people only smoke with their right hand and left-handed people only smoke with their left hand. As far as the other stuff, I have heard McCartney say that it was a hot day, and that’s why he wasn’t wearing shoes, and the rest of the Beatles dressed the way they wanted to, not to represent a funeral procession.
The “Paul is Dead” hoax is too ambiguous to be either intentional or accidental, and the same can be said about backmasking. Bands like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd didn’t have to pull gags to maintain popularity; their music and talent is what keeps them viable. Perhaps some did plant “messages” for fans to find as jokes, but again I ask when and why did this begin?
Anyway, I’m glad you find the messages funny, as I’m sure those artists who did plant messages meant them to be fun. I prefer just listening to music the regular way, and if that means I miss something, so be it. An artist can plant all the jokes/messages backwards he or she wants to; if they have nothing to say frontward, then there’s really no reason to listen to them.

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Dr. Spin would like to point out that with all the Paul is Dead hoax, no one has mentioned that John Lennon sings Shoot Me in Come Together, 11 years before he was shot to death.

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