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Oh Where, Oh Where, Could Johnny Have Gone?
The APB is out for Senator John Edwards.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
September 19, 2004

I haven’t been a student of campaigns for too long, only about 30 years. I managed my first political campaign in 1972. I have only been a candidate once, in 2002. But one thing I do know, the candidate needs to be visible. I appeared on TV when I could. I was on any radio show that would take me, even those hosted by “the enemy camp”. Invisible candidates do not get elected. So where in the wide, wide world of campaigning is John Edwards?   
I like John Edwards. I’ve met John Edwards. I have spoken with him candidly about the 2004 elections. But not recently. Actually I wonder if anyone has spoken to John recently.
Really, I thought there would be more fireworks in the race for Vice President. There should be. Currently, we have a sitting VP who some would say is still under the influence of Halliburton and who has worked as a ventriloquist the last four years being the voice behind the puppet "W". John Kerry, the democratic nominee selected a successful trial attorney for his VP choice. One whose record in arguing his case in a court of law was fabulous. It was thought that Sen. Kerry had found his attack dog or at least a protection method from the onslaught of attacks that were sure to come from the right. 
Well, the swift boat ads, the waffle house comments, and the questioning of his ability to keep America safe from future attack has come into the campaign and where, oh where is little Johnny Edwards? Kerry is taking a beating in some polls and battleground states are turning the wrong color for the Democrats.
An Edwards did show up in my backyard (Northwest Iowa) this week but it was Elizabeth. She had a little spunk and I wanted to ask where Johnny was but I didn’t get the chance.
I know that John kept things positive in the primary but this is for all of the marbles. He doesn't need to get mean, just tell the truth and that'll hurt Republicans. Has he forgotten that he will be unemployed come January without a win in November? And a lack luster performance this year will make a 2008 Presidential run impossible, as some will say he has no fire in the belly.
Imagine the VP debate, if there is no invitation to minor party candidates. Anyway, with just the Democrat/Republican VP debate, it could be very embarrassing if someone doesn’t find Johnny. By the way, if my good friend Richard Campagna (Libertarian- IA) was invited to the debate, it would be the Pinky (as in from a red state campaign) and the Brain show. (Refer to the Animaniacs.) But that probably won’t happen.
Johnny, if you get this message, come out of hiding. The opposition is beating up Big John. This campaign needs you.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo does occasionally enjoy a game of hide-and-seek but not with candidates for the nation's highest offices.

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