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The Same Old Song
Dr Spin deals with questions about subliminal messages, yet again.

by Dr. Spin
October 4, 2004

Dear Dr. Spin,

Is that all you're good for? All I ever read are questions about car commercials. What's up with these people, and why is the majority of their listening experience based on commercials?
Dear Unnamed Person
Apparently.  All anybody ever asks me is what music is used in car commercials or where they can find subliminal messages. I guess people like commercials so much they want to listen to their music too.
Now, if someone asked me a question that had nothing to do with car commercials or subliminal messages; that would be great! I dream of the day when someone will send me a question that actually deals with the rest of the music world: Was Glen Campbell really a Beach Boy? What happened to Mick Taylor after he left the Stones and why did he leave? What ever happened to Sha Na Na? Alas, this never happens anymore. Read on…

Led Zeppelin obviously are santanists. I want music that isn't subliminal.  Can you find some?
Dear Weirdo,
I cannot deny that Led Zeppelin are “santanists,” mainly because I don’t what “santanists” are. Followers of Santana? I doubt Led Zeppelin followed Santana, because Santana was a peer of Led Zeppelin. Carlos Santana is Mexican and uses a lot of Latino flavor in his music; I hear no traces of this in Led Zeppelin (although "D’yer Maker" has some Caribbean flavor to it).
You want music that isn’t subliminal? Try the Archies. Or Frank Sinatra. Or Bach. How about instrumentals? But stay away for “Weird Al!” Read below…

Is there any way to play MP3s backwards? Like some software? I was wondering because you said that a Weird Al song had a subliminal message in it and I think I know which song it is. Or you could just tell me which song it was...
Dear Message Seeker
I have no idea how to play mp3 files backwards; I am not that technically savvy.
Apparently there are two songs by “Weird Al” with backward (not subliminal) messages. On “Nature Trail to Hell,” there is the message “Satan Eats Cheez Whiz.” On “I Remember Larry,” the message is “Wow, you must really have a lot of free time on your hands.”
Yes Al, they do.

About the Author:
Dr. Spin wonders if all subliminal messages are now car commercials.

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