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The Third Debate
Thank Goodness, it's the last.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
October 17, 2004

I, for one, am glad the debates are over. I don’t have to watch the 90 minutes of “he said, he lied”. I know I could have turned off the set, or watched the baseball playoffs but I felt like I should see them for myself so I could spin in my sleep instead of having to rely on everyone else’s spin. 
The thing that is so interesting about the whole deal is that we saw two guys that cannot pass up an opportunity to make the other look like a jerk. Trust me, these two don’t need any help in looking goofy. No disrespect Walt Disney. I honestly believe that the way Bush and Kerry prepared for their debates was this: memorize this zinger and look for a place to insert it instead of answering the question.
The one who really looked good in the debate was Bob Schieffer. Good questions, Bob. It was to the Schieffer’s questions that both candidates continued their mis-speak and misrepresentation of their positions or their opponents’ positions. For example:
Sen. Kerry made reference to the fact that the president had not met with the Congressional Black Caucus or with civil rights leaders. Well, if you want to split hairs on this one, Bush has met with both groups but not as President. OK, if Kerry would have said “since becoming president …” I thought the situation was pretty lame. Why would the president ignore these two groups? Because they are, for the most part, Democratic liberals that hate Republicans, you say. Maybe that is the same reason why the president doesn’t have press conferences? After all, everyone knows about the liberal bias in the media. Wink, wink.
Kerry also said that the president said that he was not concerned about Osama Bin Laden. Actually, we should have been after Osama all along. But during one of the few press conferences that this president has held (March 2002) he said: "I don't know where he is... I truly am not that concerned about him." Maybe he should have not had that meeting with that left wing group as well. Wink, wink.
90 minutes is plenty of time to utter falsehoods but, in the answer to a question on abortion, he said that he did not have a litmus test for any justice he would recommend to the Supreme Court. Bullchips! Why is the president so afraid to admit in a public forum that he is anti-abortion and expects his judges to be that way? If you think that the president would appoint a pro-choice justice, you are sadly mistaken. As we say in the Midwest, “that dog just won’t hunt”. Right or wrong, at least Sen. Kerry admitted that he had a litmus test.

But Kerry stuck his big left foot in his mouth as well. In the great question (no kidding, I thought it was brilliant for a debate) regarding is homosexuality a choice or genetically determined, Kerry referenced Mary Cheney, the daughter of the Vice President. Can we just drop mentioning the fact that the daughter of the Vice President is a lesbian? Hasn’t Mary been through enough this campaign? Reference the GOP convention and the VP debate. Leave the woman alone and stop bringing up her sexuality! Kerry should have asked the president to ask any one that he knows who is gay whether it is a choice. The zinger could have been: “You do know someone who is gay, don’t you Mr. President?” With his adamant no gay marriage stance, I’m not to sure why the gay and lesbian community is warmly embracing the senator. Could it be they just couldn’t stomach another four years of W?
Schieffer’s final question I thought was brilliant, addressing the women in the lives of the candidates. Kerry was good in that he said that he definitely married up. Both of them probably did “marry up”.
As I look at the debates, I wish we could have seen the other candidates. The excuse is that if they aren’t showing up on any of the major polls with a significant percentage, they are not invited. Sorry folks, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If they do not get the exposure, they won’t come up in the polls unless you are a billionaire, like Ross Perot in 1992 and want to spend your own money to get noticed.
Even in this climate, getting arrested won’t get you on the news. Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) and David Cobb (Green) were arrested for trying to cross the police line and get into the second debate held in St. Louis. Rodney Dangerfield got more respect than these guys. I don’t know Cobb but I have met and visited with Badnarik and his running mate, Richard Campagna is a personal friend of mine. America would have had a blast if Badnarik could have debated these two guys. America would have seen an alternative party taking the best from both sides of the aisle. Sorry to say it won’t come about this year and maybe ever.  
One last note from the pasture. A few months ago I mentioned the guys from Jib Jab and their bizarre comedy on line. Well, they did it again with a piece called "It’s Good To Be in DC." You can check out their latest satire at or
Hang in there America. November 2 is just around the corner.

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