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This is ________ Appreciation Month
Taking a moment to say thank you.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
October 24, 2004

It seems as though that every week or at least every month is somebody appreciation month. It’s not a bad thing. It is good thing to offer our appreciation to others on a regular basis. This month is Pastor Appreciation Month. There is a Teacher Appreciation Week. There is an Office Assistant’s Day. Bosses Day. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Grandparent’s Day. Well, you get the idea. 
I have begun to wonder if all of these days are set up to pay special recognition to certain people because we don’t do it on a regular basis. Shouldn’t every week be a week when we appreciate our educators? Shouldn’t we appreciate our clergy persons all year long? Shouldn’t we recognize the folks that do the toughest job in the world, parents, every day? 
I know. I know. These days are set up to be days where we especially recognize these folks. Not the only day to recognize them but a special day. Maybe, we would be better off in our society if we recognized people who do a good job when they do it and not wait to call attention to them up to a year later. So I want to do 2 things. Make up for lost opportunities to say “thank you” and resolve to do better.   
Thanks Mom for teaching me there was no generation gap, just a communication gap. Thanks Dad for working two jobs at a time so that we could have a vacation every year to some cool place. Thanks little brother for not whining so you could tag along with me when I was in high school but wanting to hang with me after we were both in college. 
Thank you to my teachers while I was in school at Sandy Bank Elementary (especially Miss Espenshade and Mrs. Culver), Absalom Jones Middle School (Mr. Talifano), Ambassador Christian Academy, Greeley West High School (Coach Whitney, Mr. Leinweber, Mr. Vickarelli), Aims Community College (Mr. Shell and Dr. O), University of Northern Colorado (Dr. Burron), University of Nebraska (Dr. Meers), Bethel Seminary (Ellen) and all the other schools (Dr. Dupree, Dr. Nelson) that had me for a class here and there. 
Thanks to my wife for 26 years of love unconditionally. Thanks to my sons, who never acted embarrassed at my crazy behavior when I was at your sporting events or music concerts or school programs or church youth group outings. 
Thanks to all my employers. There were ones who thought I could be better and worked hard at getting me there (BUG, Ken, Mr. Rogers). Thanks to all of the employers who were SOB’s (especially Glen and Jim), who helped me appreciate the one’s who weren’t.
Thanks to all of those folks along the way who put a microphone in front of me. Whether on the radio (Joe, Chris, Warren), TV, public speaking (SMH) or in the pulpit (Wes, Dr. B) confident that I wouldn’t embarrass them or myself. Thank you to all of you who allow me to do that every week.
Thanks for those who encouraged me to put down my thoughts on paper or on the computer screen, who thought what I thought was worth sharing. Especially Mark (at the PO) and Bret.
Thank you for the garbage collector that doesn’t spill my trash along the street. Thanks to the post office worker who rarely puts someone else’s mail in my box. Thanks to my doctor (Dr. Abbott) who makes me feel like I am the most important patient he has had all day. Thanks to the worker at Starbucks who makes my coffee exactly the way I like it. Thank you to the mechanic who changes the oil in my car and allows me to ask the most elementary of auto questions without a snicker. Thank you to the clergy person who allows me to call in times of celebration or when I am in tears, no matter what the time of day or night. And to all my friends. Wow, do you put up with a lot. Thanks to all who serve me daily who I never took time to learn your names. I’ll try to remember that next time we meet.
Well, maybe now, you get the idea. I think we should take time to thank folks and appreciate their work all year long. And speaking of work, thanks to all of you who read through my rantings every week. I appreciate you, too.
Happy YOU Appreciation Lifetime.

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No bull, Mr. Moo appreciates all of his readers.

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