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U2's Latest Spin
A review of 'Vertigo' in anticipation of U2's new album.

by Dr. Spin
November 1, 2004

Dear Dr. Spin,
What do you think of U2’s latest song, “Vertigo?”

Sincerely U2 Fan

Dear UF,
If “Vertigo” was released by a brand new band, I would say it was an okay song; it has great guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. However, since it’s from U2, I expect a little more. While “Vertigo” is a passable pop/rock tune, it seems a little vacuous when you compare it to other U2 singles, even the more recent ones.
“Beautiful Day,” the first single off of All That You Can’t Leave Behind, was also simple, but at least it evoked an emotion. For me, “Vertigo” is background music, good for selling iPods. Maybe it’s Bono chanting “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” over and over again, but for me “Vertigo” sounds like something created for the Top 40, with little thought to whether the song had any sustenance. It sounds like a “b-side” track.
This is not to say I don’t look forward to U2’s newest album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Musically, “Vertigo” is still a good song, and if it is an indication of the new CD, then it still makes Atomic Bomb one of my most anticipated releases. I just hope the rest of the album is more meat and less ear candy.

Dear Dr. Spin,
Who does the song “Still The One?” You know, the one that goes, “we’re still having fun, and you’re still the one.”
Amnesia Man
Dear AM,
Gosh, I hope your amnesia pertains only to songs.
“Still the One” is done by “American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken. No wait, he covered the tune. Actually the original version (and the one I hope your referring to) was done by the 70’s band Orleans. They also had another hit, “Dance With Me.”
There is also the Shania Twain hit “Still the One,” but that’s a different song.

Dr. Spin,
Recently U2 received a suitcase stolen from them in 1982, which contained the original lyrics for their October album. Do you think they’ll re-record any of those songs?
Portland Guy
Dear Guy,
It is an interesting story; while touring in Portland, Oregon in 1982, U2 had a suitcase stolen from them by some over-zealous fans. This suitcase supposedly contained the original songs for October, U2’s second album. October was a “dismal” recording experience according to the band, as Bono had to rewrite the lyrics, trying to remember what was lost. Many music critics also consider October as one of U2’s weaker albums. Even as recent as their last tour, when U2 was playing in Portland, Bono asked the audience if anyone knew the whereabouts of that suitcase.
U2 is not a band that likes to live on past glories, so I doubt they’ll re-record any of October, perhaps as part of a “Box Set” at some future date. But only if the songs are at least as good as “Vertigo.”

About the Author:
Dr. Spin wants known so it is perfectly clear - he was NOT in Portland, Oregon in 1982, so he could not possibly have stolen U2's lyrics. (heh-heh)

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