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State of Confusion
Of one-hit wonders and bands with similar sounding names.

by Dr. Spin
November 15, 2004

Dear Dr. Spin,

I heard that the bass player from the one-hit wonder Driveshaft was in the Lord of the Rings movies. Is this true?


Island Boy
Dear Boy,
This is a common mistake. Though they look quite similar, the actor who played Merry in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy had long, curly hair, whereas Charlie Pace (bass player for Driveshaft) has short straight hair. Obviously Pace was busy with his band, so there is no way he could have taken the years of his life necessary to film the LOTR movies. Sadly enough, as Driveshaft’s “You All Everybody” began moving up the charts, Pace disappeared when his flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles went down somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Rumors circulate that he and some of the other passengers survived and are now “Lost.” There are also rumors that Pace joined Jim Morrison in South Africa, and the two are working on forming a new band.

Dr. Spin
What is the name of the band that does the song “Let the Day Begin?” Is it the Calling or the Alarm?
Confused about the 80’s
Dear Confused,
Neither, the band is called the Call. The Calling is recent band; they are best known for the song “Our Lives,” or you’ve may have heard lead singer Alex Band on the single version of Carlos Santana’s “Why Don’t You and I” (vocals were done by Chad Kroger of Nickleback on the album version). The Alarm is a Welsh band that rivaled U2 in their early days. They are probably best known for their hit “Sold Me Down The River.” The Call is known for the songs “Let The Day Begin” and” I Still Believe.”

I have been trying to collect the original versions of Led Zeppelin songs, and have been successful except for "We're Gonna Groove."  It was co-written by Ben E. King, I believe, but have yet to find anything by him with this title.  Did someone else do this song?
Dear Original Zep,
As far as I can tell, Ben E. King did the original version, but if you’re looking for the original version, good luck. Every search I’ve done lists Led Zeppelin’s version (though they also say it is a cover of a Ben E. King song). My guess is it’s one of those obscure B-sides that only got released on vinyl. Robert Plant also covered “We’re Gonna Groove” with a band he formed in 1999, Priory of Brion, though I don’t think he recorded with them. "We're Gonna Groove" was recorded by Led Zeppelin in 1970, but wasn't released until their final album, the "closet-cleaning" CODA in 1982.

About the Author:
Dr. Spin is perfectly aware that Dominic Monigham played hobbit Merry Brandywine in the Lord of the Rings movies and Charlie Pace, bass player of the fictional Driveshaft on ABC's Lost, so don't write any e-mails, thank you.

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