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The Fiscally Responsible Party
Who can we say that about anymore?

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
November 21, 2004

In the past, the American people have been convinced that the Democrats are the big spenders and the Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility. I’m not going to say that the sides have switched but I will say this: the Republican Party is no longer the party of smaller government and better fiscal policy. I’m not sure they ever were.
For years, even prior to the time of being a candidate, I have enjoyed watching debates in the House and Senate. Whether the debate is the issue of use of motorcycle helmets in the Colorado state legislature in the 70’s (I’m pro-choice on that issue) to debating the death penalty in the Unicameral of Nebraska in the 80’s and the 90’s (I’m pro-life here), I love political debate. Sitting down with a Diet Coke and watching the House of Commons in Great Britain debate anything is a good night of TV viewing for me. (Here, here)
So I decided this week to watch the debate from the Senate and the House this week on C-SPAN on the issue of raising the debt ceiling. This debate was revealing and eye opening. Someone told me this past year that both parties were in a race to find out who was the leader in bigger government and big spending. And the race is on.
During the debate I heard a GOP legislator say something like this, “We just got off the campaign trails making promises about all sorts of issues. Now we have to come back and keep those promises. In order to keep our promises, we have to raise the debt ceiling.” What kind of irrational morons are we sending to Washington to represent us?
The vote for those from the GOP was a whopping 208 for spend, spend, spend and 10 for some restraint. With the GOP in the majority of the House, Senate and occupants of the White House, we can expect the no veto of W.’s first term to continue into no vetoes and lots of spending in years 5-8. My elected official (I can’t in good conscience call him a representative because he doesn’t represent my views) was one of the votes in the majority. His office will get a call this coming week. Fiscal restraint, my body part closest to my wallet.
I would like to ask, when did the Republicans become to so focused on spending money that they look like big government liberals? The truth is that they have been practicing  that for years. And now with a big government spender in the White House, they can have a field day. Bad news is it’s all with our money.
Here’s the bull from Washington, these Congressional folks are spending money like a drunken airman. (Sorry, I was in the Air Force, not the Navy.) And it’s our money. The only disclaimer that could be put on this spending spree and debt limit raising action is: Don’t try this at home. This action can only be done by a professional.  Dare I add: with someone else’s money.

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