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Skipping Christmas
Movie tells the attitude of many, but they are missing something.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
November 28, 2004

“Let’s skip Christmas this year.” That’s the thought of Luther Krank in the newly released movie Christmas with the Krank’s. The movie’s premise is that with thousand of dollars of receipts and nothing special to show for it; the Krank’s decide to forego the traditional holiday for a cruise. No lights. No gifts for co-workers. No festive spirit. No traditional Christmas. The Krank’s find out soon enough that the “no Christmas attitude” isn’t going to fly with the neighbors or co-workers. And when the family finds out that their daughter, who has been away in the Peace Corps is coming home expecting a “traditional Krank’s Christmas”, plans change.
There are many folks today that begin the holiday season sounding like Ebenezer Scrooge or Luther Krank. There have been times where I have wondered about the commercialism and the real reason for Christmas and the balance. I enjoy shopping for that special gift. We still use Christmas stockings at the Moore household. The best gifts have come in the stockings over the years. But is it too much, so much that we forget what Christmas is all about. That is why there is a part of me that can understand where the Krank’s are coming from.
Now I don’t want to forego Christmas, just bring it back to its original theme. For me, a simple focus for the traditions of the season. I just want a simple Christmas with a few practical gifts under the simple tree. And gifts could be a donation to a special charity, including church. (They did keep that part in the movie, too.) A gift to the research side of Alzheimer’s, or to the shelter for abused children and spouses, soup kitchen or the gospel mission. Instead of another tie to go with the 50 or so I already have or a book that I’ll never get to read, I’m encouraging friends to give a gift to a child that may not have Christmas.
But throughout the holiday season don’t forget the most important part? After all, would we even have a winter time holiday without the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child? Let’s remember that this is truly the love holiday. This is the holy time where we celebrate a perfect gift coming to earth to reunite us with our creator.  Try the Gospel according to St. Luke, chapter 2.
Most families could stand to have a simplified Christmas but don’t leave out the reason for the season.  Have a joyous Christmas!

About the Author:
Mr. Moo is never a Scrooge but just wants all to see the real reason of the season.

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