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Pondering the Events of Inauguration Week
Providing opportunities for the country to say, hmmm... mmmmmoo?

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
January 23, 2005

The bull was evident in the inauguration week. I really began to think, let the winners have a day without the attack of the Moo to find the bull. There is a reason behind that. I have gone after the President and his team often. I wanted to give a little bit of a break during the celebration of the 55th inaugural so I won’t focus on the speech. There was plenty there to discuss but I see it as “all hat and no cattle”, therefore I’ll let it pass. But the media wouldn’t let us miss a calf (a little bull) so here goes:
During the parade, the president saluted his home state band, the Longhorns from the University of Texas with the ever popular “hook ‘em horns” sign (index and pinky fingers raised from a clenched fist). No problem, right? Wrong. In European countries, there is a rash of heavy metal bands using the same sign for a salute to Satan. Will international diplomacy be set back another term? Will someone tell the Nordics that it is a hand gesture representing a longhorn? Maybe we should tell the foreign government to hook this. Shouldn’t they have to understand us as well as demanding that we strive to understand them. Or would we act the same way if the middle finger was raised in another culture, meaning something else? Yes, I’m sure our country’s “morality police” would be demanding an apology?  
A little problem surfaced at one of the pre-inaugural balls especially for the young fans of the president. The first twins, Jenna and Barbara hosted a ball for the younger set, including pre-teens. Contemporary music was featured including pre-teen hero, Hillary Duff. A rock band, Fuel, definitely dumped their fuel on the fire of decency. With children in the crowd, the lead singer took a lead from the second language of the vice president when he shouted from the stage, “Welcome to the greatest f**king country in the world”. Was that concert on TV? If so, bring in the FCC for a fine against the president. Hey, if the FCC can slam the NFL for Janet Jackson’s super exposure, why couldn’t the FCC go after the sponsors of this show, the inaugural committee?
CNN mentioned a Gallup poll taken the end of last year on their coverage of the inauguration this week. There was division in the comments about the president’s speech and a commentator mentioned the poll. It was a perfect example of where our country is during this time. The poll showed that about half of the country felt that President Bush was a uniter and half of the country felt he was a divider. Mmmm, doesn’t that say it all?
The Bush second term will set the stage not only for the United States but also for the world, if we continue with the foreign policy of term number one. I hope the freedom and liberty discussed in the speech would begin at home in its completeness and than by example spread throughout the world. Yeah, I know, I am a dreamer.
A world with hope and without bull.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo tries to provide balance in a world full of bull.

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