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The Crawfordville Demons
Part One of a three-part short story.

by Michael H. Thomson
March 5, 2005

Crawfordville, Alabama

The two newly appointed Demons walked, glided, and streaked through Crawfordville testing their powers in the city that had given them birth as humans. Both had lived short lives and had brought death through the substances they once peddled to literally hundreds of formerly innocent young people. As humans, neither had cared, loved, or mourned anyone or anything. The car crash that ended their human existence also damned their souls. There was no time for redemption, no purgatory, and no second chance - just endless damnation for both to look forward to. Neither had expected more... Both just hoped they didn't become too bored. The CEO of the Damned loved this kind of attitude. He surveyed both souls looking for contamination and could find no traces of Love, Mercy, Kindness, Trust, and most importantly for His purposes - Forgiveness. These two were perfect!

Scratch, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub - just many of the names humans used to minimize and personify EVIL, mused to himself that it had been at least a thousand years of human time since He had beatified a true demon. Now he had the opportunity to do two at once! He started them on a training program working in an environment that was very familiar to them - their home on earth. If they worked out, he would dispatch them to assignments in other parts of the Universe. If they didn't, they were still his. He never lost. There was so much work to do, he thought. There always had been...

The Demon Darius and the Demon Theodore, in their invisible manifestations, walked through the crowded football stadium looking for recruits. This is what demons did. They looked for souls with potential weaknesses in character that could be exploited to twist their basic orientation to the Light away from it towards the Dark. It was really a snap for the two demons because both had done the same things as drug dealers - only now they could read minds - which both thought was cool.

"Dude, how many thousands of years are we going to have to do this crap?" Demon Theodore asked.

"Why? Are you bored already? I think it's sort of fun."  Darius was standing unseen behind the mayor monitoring his thoughts, which consisted mostly of the various ways he could manipulate numbers to suit his purposes.

"Man, Theodore! We should have never have gotten into drugs!"

"What's wrong with you, Darius? Are you suddenly repentant?"

"Hell no, man! Listening in on this mayor guy, I'm convinced there's a lot more money in skimming federal grants! What a deal! This guy's got more dough stashed in the islands than you and I ever had when we were alive." Darius leaned closer to the mayor. Theodore was showing slight irritation.

"Quit playing around, remember what the Man said. He told us that our first priority was the unredeemable soul - people like you and I. The mayor is not totally unredeemable - can't you sense the guilt pangs he's having since his latest fraud. He's not just worried that he is going to be caught, but actually having grief that he may have hurt some people. Stay away from him, we'll check on him later. Remember, the Master said there were more of us unredeemable ones than ever before. He even said some of our best targets would be kids." Theodore levitated about six feet - after all he was a demon!

"Kids?" Darius had to think about that one a moment.

"Yep," Demon Theodore continued, "Some of the computer games these kids play are pure evil. Do you see that group of boys hanging on the fence down there?"

"Yeh, I see them." Darius nodded.

"I walked by a few minutes ago and they were plotting how they could use death rays and incinerate the stadium and turn the players of both teams into concrete. One of them has a new computer game about mind control and believes they could do it if they all concentrate. Do you feel anything?" Theodore asked.

"Wow, your right!" Darius said, "Their signal is somewhat weak, but I can feel it. Those kids are really trying aren?t they? Do you want to move in?"

"Don't be so impatient, Darius. I've been thinking about something the Man said in one of his lessons. Do you still have memories of sex, beer, cocaine and getting high on driving a car over a hundred miles an hour?"

"Yeh, I remember all that, but you and I will never experience any of those things again." Darius was suddenly saddened by the thought.

"Don"t be so sure. Do you remember what the Master said about Demonic Possession??

Darius strained to remember and said, "Unfortunately, he was telling us so much stuff that I couldn't always keep up. Refresh my memory." Demon Darius awaited Demon Theodore's reply.

"You need to take notes, Dude. Anyway the Master said that on earth, even when they curse, humans invoke the Other Guy's name more than they do His, so even if they are participating in some kind of evil, we have to honor the Other Guy's territory. It's a turf thing and you and I know all about that. But he also said there were some ways we could take involuntary control of a human being." Theodore waited for his latest words to sink in with Darius.

"Wow! You mean that I could once again experience "crack and Jack". That was always my favorite. How do we do this? I'm ready."

"Patience my friend, it's as simple as when a human invokes our Boss's name or prays to His Demonic Holiness. You have to tone all this other human babbling out. Learning this skill is going to take a little time for both of us. I have a couple of candidates in mind. We need to listen to their thoughts carefully. We'll chill for a couple of days. When the time is right, we'll snatch 'em and take possession of their bodies, just listen a little closer"

Part II

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About the Author:
Mike Thomson is starting to see Demons everywhere and has become very curious about their creation. If you're curious yourself, start watching the six o'clock news more closely!

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