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by David S. Smith
March 12, 2005

Hypocrisies_David S. Smith- My peers now fear
The ideology they once spread,
And guard their children’s safety
From the chaos they once lived.

The rights for which they dearly fought
For homeland now are shed,
And the freedoms they so greatly sought
Become burdens they now dread.

Euphoric pleasure they indulged
From a weed that they once sown
Is now their children’s nightmare
And a bane upon their soul.

Authority once the enemy,
has now become a friend
And the pigs that they once taunted
For protection they now depend.

In the hallways of their homes
Echo voices from the past.
And the people they’ve become
Are the parents they once fled.

About the Author:
David is still a damnyankee living in Bama.

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