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Bumper Discourse, Part 2
The back of our cars tells us who we are.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
June 12, 2005

After spending time in Washington DC this week, I thought the stickers would be a little more creative. They were. It was a good week for spotting more bumper stickers. I hope these make you think or smile or laugh out loud. Or all three.
  • Thou shalt not spin my words. – God
  • Vote manly. Vote Arnold.
  • HTTP happens
  • Bush won – get over it
  • I went to vote and all I got was this stupid president
  • Your life is NOT my fault
  • I actually did vote for Kerry before I voted against him
  • Free Tibet – with a mail in rebate
  • Prezinator 2008
  • I support the troops by opposing their senseless deaths
  • Wake me up in 2008
  • Fux News – We Distort. You Comply.
  • Support the right to arm bears
  • Imagine there are no liberals. It's easy if you vote.
  • Vote Libertarian – win a free country
  • I voted and it didn't work. Can I have my drugs now?
  • Tax the rich – start with John and Teresa
  • Mandate Schmandate
  • Amend for Arnold
  • Rush gives me a rush
  • W gives God a bad name
  • Secession, eh? OK, we lose Broadway and you don't eat.
  • W iz the furst przdent with a lerning disabilite
  • Democrats have more positions than Paris Hilton
  • Florida. A nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to vote there.
As gas prices go up, I'll keep a sharp eye for more grins from the bumpers of the country.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo invites his readers to join in the search for the bumper affixed public discourse.

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