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Sex: The Way It Was Not Meant to Be
This column is rated 'NSH' - never should happen.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
June 18, 2005

This column is not for the weak hearted. It deals with what I consider the most heinous of acts that one person can do on another. Just within the last 2 weeks I have heard of 3 cases of child molestation that might cause me to go into attack mode. No, not with my column but with me. First of all, forget Michael Jackson. These three cases make Jackson look like a qualified applicant for director of a day care. Back to the attack. I'm not talking two out of three falls but a hardcore match held in a steel cage. Now if this sounds like something from ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) dare I say you ain't seen nothing on that show that would resemble my response.
The first of three cases: Hosanna Church in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. What started out as a church with a dynamic ministry, turned into a nightmare. When Louis Lamonica went into the Sheriff's Office and spilled his guts about the perversion that was happening in the church. After telling officers of the sexual acts that the "leaders "of this church had participated in with children and animals, Lamonica was surprised that he was being arrested. Duh? With pentagrams painted on the floor of the building they were using, police had confiscated a computer thought to have photos of the sex acts that took place as well as other forms of pornography. The problem with this case other than the obvious is that the majority of victims were the children of the leaders of the group.
Case two involves a 63 year old in California man with quite a history of molestation. Even though Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller spent most of the last three decades in California, he has been arrested on child molestation in 3 states, served prison time in a fourth state and was wanted in a fifth. The police have confiscated a set of spiral notebooks with names of apparent victims and codes defining the acts performed with each. The number of names is staggering. The notebooks have in excess of 30,000 names of children. Now I didn't get to far in mathematics but that works out to 1,000 children per year or about 3 kids a day. Police say that Schwartzmiller lured kids to his home with video games and computer access. This guy will spend the rest of his natural life in jail unless someone kills him. Or he saves the state of California the cost of a trial by taking his own life. (No, I am not suggesting that.) 
The third story of the sickness comes from the land of Sri Lanka. Following the tsunami, thousands of children found themselves homeless and orphaned. In steps Daniel and Michelle Curry. This couple were two of hundreds of Americans who following the tsunami of last December who headed to help the victims. Or at least that is what it appeared to be. Curry is a known sex offender and drug trafficker who has been known to be involved in check fraud. Curry and his bride took the opportunity to help out by managing an orphanage. It was an existing orphanage before the tsunami but the tragedy was a easy excuse to raise money. In addition to raising tens of thousands of dollars for the orphanage that ended up in his personal checking account, he had an entire orphanage filled with new victims. Even though many looking at the orphanage from the outside saw many improvements in the facilities, none were aware of what was going on behind closed doors. 
Having dealt with this issue in a much smaller scale, these examples are enough to make my blood boil. The only thing that I can say is: Parents, know who your kids are hanging with after school and on the weekends. Get involved in the life of your kids. It's not being nosey, it's being a concerned parent. Be involved with them as much as possible. Keep the lines of communication open so they will feel open enough to come to you when something is wrong. Ask questions and listen for what they say and don't say. I pray that you never have to deal with this heinous situation ever. I also pray that those who are guilty of these acts will serve the maximum time after being convicted.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo has a broken heart for the victims and a short fuse for the perpetrators.

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