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An Empty Mailbox
And the possibility of the existence of virtual gremlins in cyberspace.

by Dear Jon
July 12, 2005

An Empty Mailbox_Dear Jon-And the possibility of the existence of virtual gremlins in cyberspace
Dear Reader,

I received no letters this week. This means there will be no column. As far as I know I have no letters archived and waiting to be answered. If you have written me a letter and you are wondering why I have not responded, it is most likely that I inadvertently deleted it and have now forgotten it. It is also possible that I didn’t like your letter. It is remotely possible that something happened in cyberspace to prevent me from receiving the letter you sent. If any of those are the case, please, just try again.

I used to blame cyberspace all the time for my virtual problems, but people who actually live in cyberspace, such as our webmaster, insist that I am superstitious about the kinds of things that happen in cyberspace. Most of what I blame on virtual gremlins is actually the result of human error.
In any event, the grossest human error is that all of you made the mistake of not writing me a letter. So there is no column this week, and that’s YOUR fault, not mine and not any virtual gremlin’s.
Dear Jon

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Dear Jon answers letters. That's the point.

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