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Colorado Sends Its Breast Wishes
Woman ticketed for feeding the baby.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
July 31, 2005

Colorado Sends Its’ Breast Wishes_Richard "Mr. Moo" Moore-Woman ticketed for feeding the baby
It was a beautiful July afternoon at the Larimer County park in Colorado. Dorian and her son, Jimmie were enjoying a day at Carter Lake. It was a trip they made almost every week. But this trip would end a little differently.
Dorian noticed that Jimmie was hungry and being the good mother of a one year old, she sat down to feed him. Breast feed him. Knowing that it was a public place, Dorian was discreet about the feeding. She had a 4 foot wide beach umbrella behind her and one above her. People on the beach around her didn’t notice or seem to mind. No one was watching except …
About 100 yards away there was a ranger sitting on a cliff with binoculars. The ranger had been stationed there and after Jimmie’s lunch, she left her station. Yes, the ranger (a female) left her station and with her supervisor (also a female) approached Dorian with a citation. The citation was for “knowingly exposing one’s genitals in a public place”. The fine? $50.
A week prior to the citation, Dorian had been approached on the beach and told that she would be ticketed for indecent exposure if she breast fed her son again. Indecent exposure? Dorian was breast feeding her son, for goodness sake. She knew the law was on her side. Colorado law states that “a woman may breast feed in any place she has a right to be”. She also had her husband on her side. He’s an attorney.
Carter Lake Park manager said the citation would be dismissed and an apology would be sent to the couple. After a week, neither had been received. When contacted, the park manager said the county legal department was reviewing the case and the couple would be contacted soon but the ticket had been dismissed.
With the apology is forthcoming, I think all Colorado moms that are breast feeding, should take a trip to Carter Lake one afternoon and give the ranger fits. But they better do it soon as soon as possible because the ranger who issued the ticket will soon be gone. You see she was just summer help. Come September, Carter Lake will be free of at least one boob.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo is confident that Girls Gone Wild will not be filming their next video at Carter Lake.

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