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More Breast Wishes from Colorado
This time it's from the Governor's Office.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
August 14, 2005

A few weeks ago, I mentioned an event at a park in Colorado where a mom discretely breast feeding her baby was ticket for "exposing herself in public". It is a sad state when a woman cannot feed her baby in public.
Based on that event, I believe if I were Governor, I would have sent a memo out to all government officials (federal, state, county and city) to remind them of a bill that I signed into law allowing a woman right to breast feed her child any place where she can go in the state.
Well, we head back to the Centennial State this week for another feature of "Breast Wishes from Colorado". I was saddened and angered to hear after all of the national publicity of the ticketing of woman earlier this year, that the next foo-pa came right from the reception area of the office of the Governor.
The Monroe family were taking a tour of the Capitol Building in Denver a week ago. Little 5 month old Nicholas got hungry and mom decided it was time to feed him. Stephanie (mom) looked around and found a couple of couches in the reception area of the Governor's office, sat down, covered little Nick and her breast and began feeding him. During the feeding, an office receptionist came over and said that maybe Stephanie would be more comfortable feeding Nick in the basement. At no point did Stephanie say or act that she was uncomfortable. It must have been the receptionist who was uncomfortable with the feeding. And actually the basement probably would have made the family uncomfortable because of no air conditioning and construction happening all around with, of course, construction workers.
The political dance began shortly when a spokesman for the governor said that Stephanie was not prohibited from feeding her son but that some other places in the building might have made her more at ease. I suspect that Stephanie was at ease in the governor's reception area or she wouldn't have fed her son there. It seems as though the people who are not at ease are not the moms but some of the public. Maybe what the spokesman should have said was, "Of course you can feed your child in public but you better not feed them when people are around. Otherwise you will be asked to leave the area." That would have been closer to reality.
A couple of weeks ago, I suggested all breast feeding moms head for the site of the first ticketing. Maybe when the protesting moms are finished with their feeding at Carter Lake Park in Larimer County they can drive south to the capitol. The little tykes will be hungry again and I'm told the governor's office has comfortable couches. 

About the Author:
Mr. Moo, a resident of Colorado for 20 years, loves his former home state. But come on folks, can we give these moms and little ones a break?

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