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Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows
An Affair between Mayoral Candidates?

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
October 30, 2005

Within the last few years, Americans have changed their position, umm view, when it comes to sex and politics. Less than 25 years ago, Senator Gary Hart (D-CO) had his presidential ambitions dashed because of being photographed on a boat called Monkey Business with a young lady during a time when he and his wife were separated. A few years later, an unknown Governor (Bill Clinton) from a little noticed state (Arkansas) actually used his sexual encounters with other woman to launch him into the national spotlight. It was Bill and Hillary's appearance on "60 Minutes" following the Super Bowl, that made Clinton to become a household word and within 10 months our president-elect.
It's not that Clinton and Hart were doing something foreign to men in high position in our government but it was at the time when the media started finding out and telling all they knew about trips to the bedroom. Candidates have even begun to use these bedroom excursions against each other. "Did you know Senator So-and-so was involved with a staffer?"
But no one would have ever dreamed that one candidate would throw this type of mud. In the beautiful little suburb of Broomfield, CO, one candidate has spoken out about an affair that he had with the current mayor, and his opponent in the campaign that will come to the voters on Tuesday. Councilmember and Mayor-Pro-Tem Clark Griep has publicly admitted to an affair with his opponent Mayor Karen Stuart. Griep says the affair took place eight years ago. Stuart denies that the affair ever took place.
The incident, Griep says, came up after the current mayor approached him in the parking lot earlier this year. Mayor Stuart supposedly told Councilman and mayor Candidate Griep to have his staff spreading rumors that Stuart was currently having an affair with a different councilman. Stuart allegedly said that if Griep campaign doesn't stop the rumors that she would go to Griep's wife of 26 years and tell her that the two had an affair.
Fellow council members have also been drug into the ruckus. Some say that Griep admitted to them about his affair with Mayor Stuart. One says she thinks the whole thing is hooey. The mayor commented to a reporter who asked about the alleged affair, "I have never had an affair with Clark Griep. Have you seen Clark Griep? That tells you everything." Whoa, that's a low … cheap shot.
Now most city council meetings are about as exciting as watching paint dry. With all of this coming to light, I would bet that any council meetings with these two in attendance would be interesting to observe. And you can bet they aren't having a pillow fight this time.
Ballot anyone?

About the Author:
Mr. Moo suggest that if you foolish enough to have an affair remember two things. 1. Don’t talk in your sleep and 2. Make sure one of you has no desire to run for public office.

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