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Should you listen to H.I.M?
A concerned fan questions a band's loyalty.

by Dr. Spin
November 14, 2005

Dr Spin,
You have not written an article since a month ago. Are you on vacation or in hibernation?   ZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Dear Z,

No, I'm just lazy.

Hey! I don't know if you know any songs for tryouts for plays, but are Disney musical songs (like, maybe, God Help the Outcasts) good to try out with?


Dear Ruby,

I assume you're trying out for a musical; otherwise I fail to see the point of singing for a part in a non-musical play. Usually it is best to sing one of the actual songs of the musical you're trying out for, but if for some reason you don't know the songs for the play (maybe it's brand new?) then sure, Disney songs are great.

Dr Spin,

I love the band H.I.M. The music is awesome and Ville is fine.  But there is a ton of controversy that the band from Finland is satanic.  I've tried to look it up in hopes that they are innocent to this and received news that they were not satanic and others that they were in fact involved with satanic issues. Please help me find out the truth! Is the band H.I.M satanic?

Dear H.I.M fan,

I really do not want to investigate into whether a band is satanic or not, because it inevitably leads to people writing in about "satanic messages" and "backmasking" which I've covered in more than enough articles already.

I do not know much about H.I.M, but what little I found out, they seem to enjoy promoting satanic imagery; in that sense they remind me of Marilyn Manson; in other words, their "satanism" is tongue-in-cheek, and they play on it more for shock value than actual devout worship to Satan. They have been described as a "goth" band as well, and goth tends play up the macabre anyway.

H.I.M. does however stand for His Infernal Majesty, and that does concern me. At best, H.I.M, like Manson, is walking a fine, and as the old adage says, those who play with fire tend to get burned. You may consider lead singer Ville Valo "fine," but (not to get all Dr. Phil on you) maybe you're just attracted to his bad boy image.

If you're really concerned about H.I.M. being satanic, my best advice is to look for reviews from reputable sources, such as "Rolling Stone Magazine", or similar and see what they say.

About the Author:
Dr. Spin generally avoids bands that dabble with satanic imagery. He also enjoys a good nap.

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