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A City-Owned Not-for-Profit Brothel
What's the difference between and politician and a pimp?

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
November 20, 2005

A CITY OWNED NOT-FOR-PROFIT BROTHEL_Richard "Mr. Moo" Moore-What’s the difference between and politician and a pimp?
You decide that now is the time to give back to your city. And there are plenty of reasons why you considered running for public office. We have a drug problem in our city. We have a lack of health care problem in our city. We have a problem of protecting for “ladies of the evening”. Prostitution is legal in our city. Our city is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
So how do some propose to solve the cities’ problems? Some are offering a solution of opening a not-for-profit brothel to help drug-addicted prostitutes. WHAT?
In the US, this would be called an October surprise. During a political campaign, there is always something that will happen by one campaign or another that will try to influence voters in the days before the election. Well, in Vancouver in a relatively low-key city election, the surprise hit late last week. Only 10 days out from Election Day.
Now if you think this is my spin on the entire issue, listen to Committee of Progressive Electors Counselor Tim Louis. “Many people involved in survival sex are drug addicted, and it is a crime that we don’t have treatment on demand, so there would be many benefits of a brothel run on a break-even basis.” Well, if this sounds like a fringe group be assured it is not. Louis is already serving and is now running for re-election. He continued and said he would only support the city owned house of ill-repute under three conditions:
  1. The brothel would have to break even.
  2. Medical services would be available.
  3. Drug treatment is available on demand.
Am I the only one who wonders what this guy has been smoking?
First of all, have you known of any governmental operation that broke even? Second, is the medical services provided out of the “so-called profit” or can you find an insurance carrier to write the group health coverage? “Hello, Lloyds of London?” Thirdly, the sex trade is based in downtown where the drug trade runs wild. Isn’t inviting folks downtown for a romp for cash bringing more people in for the drug trade to make another customer, which will eventually will require more drug treatment?
Other candidates have chimed in on the idea of a city-owned prostitution business. The Non-Partisan Association’s mayoral candidate, Sam Sullivan says that he is “running for mayor to help people, not to get into the business of being a pimp.” Sullivan said that it is becoming very obvious the state of the city if Louis is re-elected. And how would the city promote their new found business? Sending out discount coupons in the water bill?
The city is already profiting in part from the businesses as they charge large licensing fees to escort services. But it’s not the same thing, some would say. Governmental officials are quick to say that the fees only cover expenses. It’s good to know something is actually being covered. If it were up to some council members, there would be less covered in downtown area. And it would be the prudes on the council that would be in favor of a cover up, so to speak.
But if Louis does have his way, I can see the next meeting of counselors from across Canada. Discussions of a lottery will be replaced by sessions on “solving your budget crisis by opening a red light district.” If they have their meeting in Vancouver, there could even be a field trip offered.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo is concerned that somewhere out there in internet-land, there is a politician thinking, “mmm, that really sounds like a good idea”.

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