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It's Tough to Beat a Legend
Is this how you beat Tom Osborne?

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
February 12, 2006

If you are a college football fan anywhere but Nebraska, the name Tom Osborne would send shivers up and down your spine. Coach Osborne was/is a legend in Nebraska. When he announced that he was leaving the coaching spotlight and announced that he was entering the political arena, most thought the election percentages would sound like a score of the Cornhuskers vs. almost anyone. His first race for the US Congress and in successive races, he received over 70% of the vote. It's tough to run against a legend.
Well, now the Coach has decided to come back home to Nebraska. He announced in the fall that he was coming home to run for Governor of the Cornhuskers state. There seems to be a little flaw in the artificial turf. You see, the incumbent Governor and the Coach are both Republicans. It's primary season and the race is beginning to heat up.   
Gov. Dave Heineman is finding that out the hard way. And in the process has shown some pretty poor defensive strategies. You see, the Governor has orally instructed all staff members that if the Coach is going to meet with the director of any state agency, Heineman wants to be at the meeting or be able to send a staff member to attend. And even though he wants to be in attendance at these meetings, he doesn't want to be in attendance with Osborne in a series of debates. He has turned down the Coaches request for debates throughout the state.
This type of move is normally unheard of especially when it involves a sitting Congressman or a sitting Governor. But when you are desperate, you'll try just about anything. Heineman has continued to call for the meetings with a chaperone and continued to duck the debate issue. You see the beef could be that the Governor is beginning to believe that the entire state government is his personal domain and not that of the people that elected him. Personally I think Heineman is running scared.
Oh yes, even though this isn't an excuse, Heineman was never elected to the post of governor. He inherited it after the president appointed former Governor Mike Johanns as US Secretary of Agriculture. Maybe this is one reason why he is running scared. But then again, it could just be he is scared to run a legit race against a legend.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo believes that there are two legends running in Nebraska. But for the governor, being a legend in your own mind doesn’t count for much.

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