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George Bush Likes Men Who Wear Dresses!
What is it with George and the oil sheiks?

by Michael H. Thomson
February 21, 2006

In the world of politics there are mistakes, dumb decisions, gaffes, goofs, boo-boos, and Dark Holes. This week the Bush administration's ship has wandered into a major Dark Hole.
I'm not speaking of Supreme Court appointments, electronic surveillance, Social Security realignment - or how Karl Rove does that comb-over thing. I'm speaking of the flap over who is going to administer American seaports. George and his administration want the Arabs to do it. No, this is not a misprint. George wants a state run company out of the United Arab Emirates to be the overall administrator for six major American seaports.
According to the CIA fact book, the tiny Arab emirate is a major southwest Asian drug transshipment point and a financial haven favored by money launderers. It was also the home for two of the 9-11 hijackers. Al Qaeda likes the UAE. I bet Osama has a few cousins there.
The two Republican leaders of the Congress, Danny Hastert of the House and Bill Frist of the Senate have voiced strong opposition to the plan as well as other politicians, right and left, from all over the United States. Guess what – George isn't swayed! He vows to veto any measure that Congress would send to block the plan.
After Katrina, I'm becoming convinced that George is slipping further away from the wishes of the mainstream  American public. A 39% approval rating bears this out.
And - what is it with George and the oil sheiks. He holds hands with them and kisses them in public -the very same oil sheiks who are cousins, uncles, and friends with the financiers of the 9-11 attacks. The very same guys who are driving all of us to the poorhouse with inflated oil prices. What gives George?
Of course, this latest mess puts a spotlight on the issue of giving our business to overseas companies.
George, the administration and security of American ports is definitely a business that should be 100% American. I'm worried about you George. You need a break. Go quail hunting or something…'er, don't take Dick with you…
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About the Author:
Mike Thomson has never been a fan of Americans who kiss the enemy's butt, whether it's Jane and the Cong or George and the Crown Prince... Let's get a real energy bill!

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