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March Ponderings
March has always been a month of indecision for some of us.

by Michael H. Thomson
March 7, 2006

I don't know how you feel about March, but to me March is a time of indecision and ponderings. One thing that bears on my thinking process in March is the weather. The weather in March – particularly here in the Mid-Atlantic States is very unpredictable. We could have a three-day heat wave or get plowed under by a blizzard. Should I keep the top coat handy or put it away in the closet until next year?
Then there is all that wind. We've had our share in Paeonian Springs. The red maples in my yard have littered the ground with all their worn and dead branches. Maybe I'll do some cleanup this weekend, maybe I won't. I'll wait and see if the wind dies down. March is that kind of month... Meanwhile, March is a great time to ponder the future. Here are some things I've been pondering:
  • The Da Vinci Code – the movie. Dan Brown wrote that intriguing book that got all the preachers, Bible scholars, and the Catholic Church upset. I never bought into the premise, but as a book, I thought it was exciting.  I traveled to France last year and even had a photograph taken of me sitting in front of the glass pyramid at the Louvre, which is a focal point in the story. Will Tom Hanks who plays symbologist Robert Langdon and Audrey Tautou who plays mystery woman, Sophie Neveu pull off the level of excitement found in the book? Time will tell, that is if the entire project isn't derailed by the authors of a similar book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail who are suing in a London court claiming that large parts of their book ended up in the Da Vinci Code.
  • Bush and Cheney's popularity ratings – I have been around long enough to say that I've never seen anything like the sustained low ratings I've seen with these two. Bush at 34 percent approval and Cheney at 18 percent. If we lived in the United Kingdom or in Canada, parliamentary elections would have already been called. I do not see how that the fall congressional races will not be affected. If the Democrats carry either one of the houses, will we see a repeat of the impeachment process that plagued the last year of the Clinton presidency? Are Bush and Cheney still connected to what is happening with the American public? Do they care?
  • The housing market – jobs in this country are affected largely by what is happening with one of the major market indicators – housing starts. In Northern Virginia at this time last year, houses were turning so fast that if you didn't make an offer at first viewing, there was a good chance you wouldn't get to revisit, because the house would be sold – not so now. It's not an epidemic or even a small irritating virus, but houses are sitting on the market longer than they were last year. Some who invested hoping for a quick turn around may be twisting slowly in the wind if things don't change soon. On the bright side, now might be a good time to snatch a bargain.
  • The war or is it a civil war? All the be-ribboned and medal sparkling military leaders say we definitely have the advantage and a turnaround is coming. Thank you, sorry, but I just don't see it. No one wants to come out and say that our troops may be endangered by an Iraqi Civil War. It seems that the insurgents have more weaponry to throw at us than ever before. The world's weapon of choice, the Kalashnikov rifle is very prevalent in all the street protests I've seen. Do you think the war and the president's ratings are connected? Since "mission accomplished" (5/01/03), we have lost 2,165 G.I.'s. It doesn't seem to be getting better.
Well, the wind has died and the sun has peeked through, maybe I'll go and pick up some branches anyway… Have a good week until next time…
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Mike Thomson would rather ponder than pick up limbs.

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