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There She Sits
Let's not overlook women in the military.

by Melody Vanosdol
March 8, 2006

There she sits,
her hair a bit tousled,
but lovely just the same,
the lines of the desert sun
hiding in the corners of her eyes,
eyes that belie her youth
with wisdom and contemplation.
Her grace does not hide her composure.
Her fatigue fails to conceal her agility,
her acutness, her aptitude.
Her lithe, tired figure
manages to induce feelings of
comfort and safety
in those around her.
There she sits,
a perfect picture of
wisdom, grace, and intelligence
,,, in combat boots.

To all of our sisters, mothers, daughters,
and aunts serving our country.

To all of our sisters, mothers, daughters,
and aunts who have ever served our country.

And with special dedication to one of my most
beautiful friends: Wilma Seal, USAF 1952-1955.

About the Author:
Melody loves life from south western Ohio.

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