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Emma Jean
Some say it's just a rumor...

by David S. Smith
April 29, 2006

Some say it's just a rumor
Though some still can recollect
The night that Emma Jean went partying'
With her influential friends.

She must have thought she had impressed
The local socialites
When she got an invitation
To the hunting lodge that night.

But the sheriff had no comment,
And the Standard never said
How she got to the infirmary
And later wound up dead.

Not the doctors or the lawyers
Were able to explain
The cigarette burns they found
All over Emma Jean.

And no one knows where Scottie was
Or if he was involved.
But it did seem strange to some
No postmortem was performed.

It doesn't really matter 'cause
It's not just who you know.
It's to whom do you belong
And to whom can you be sold.

About the Author:
David is an artist, poet, writer in l.a. (lower Alabama)

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