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Business Criticized for Supporting Animal Services with Fundraiser
Hooters for Neuters catches flack

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
July 9, 2006

Ok, I'll admit it. There is a little libertarian in my politics. I support worthwhile projects but would rather not have tax dollars pay for them, if at all possible. Take the issue of spay and neutering animals. A worthwhile cause. All of my animals have been spayed or neutered. But it is even more of a worthwhile cause when it is animals in the area shelters.
So would the Animal Services director in Los Angeles. Director Ed Boks put it this way: "These people have gone out of their way in helping us, and I would hate to deny these businesses from helping…" later he stated: "when somebody steps up and says they want to help your agency raise money, your inclination is to say ‘yes'." Who are "these people" that are causing the Animal Shelter folks to catch so much flak? Well, it your neighborhood Hooters!
This coming Thursday, the Hooters' restaurant chain will be sponsoring a fundraiser that was originally planned for the Los Angeles Animal Shelter's program to spay and neuter pets. The fundraiser has been dubbed "Hooters for Neuters". The problem is that the city received so much flak about the partnership between the City Shelter and the restaurant that the city has said they wouldn't accept money from the fundraiser.
Are the folks in LA prudes? I thought California was pretty progressive but not in this area. PC over PC. Political correctness wins out over progressive California.
I know all of the arguments about how folks think Hooters is demeaning to women. Yada yada yada. But they want to help raise money. And last time I checked Hooters was/is a legit business. It's not like it was "Whoring for Neuters" at the local "cat" house. It's not as though drug dealers were cutting the animal shelter in on their profits. It's a restaurant.
Los Angeles was not the first ones that had this type of fundraiser. Cities in Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma have all had "Hooters for Neuters" events. Even the very conservative state of Utah, had successful partnerships between the business and the shelters. The theme at the Oklahoma event in October 2004 was: "Real Men Neuter Their Best Friends". Heck, t-shirts are still available on the Oklahoma Animal Alliance web site from the 2004 event. The t-shirts have the theme on the back and the recognizable owl on the front that says "Hooters for Neuters".
Would the women rights groups in LA or the council members that encourage department heads to think outside the box when it comes to fundraising object to any fund raising partnership that came close to be offensive? I wonder if Supercuts had contacted the city and suggested a fundraiser with the theme "it's hip to snip", if there would be as much noise? (Attention cities: Don't try that theme – it has already been used.)
Director Boks while apologizing if he offended anyone, in bowing out of the event said, "We probably won't be involved in any future bikini contests."
It's a shame. I thought the white poodle looked good in that pink micro mini bikini suit.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo thinks that the Los Angeles Shelter should take the money and the director get a citation for creativity.

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