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Is it Sore Loserman all over again?
Lieberman to run as an independent despite encouragement to the contrary.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
August 13, 2006

Six years ago, during the now famous recount and chad dangling events in Florida, a slogan was created to sound like the Democratic ticket (Gore-Lieberman) to express the opinion that the blue party couldn't accept the results of the 2000 race. Sore-Loserman appeared on lapels on buttons and on bumpers around the country.
Personally, I think the first mistake of the evening was the concession and rescinding of the concession of Gore in Florida. Dumb move. When things are that close, just wait. After all we are talking about 4 years of your life hanging in the balance. What's a day or two of waiting?
I'm not sure about the results in Florida but it did remind me of the quote by that great political philosopher, Joseph Stalin who said "Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." And before some of you get huffy, I voted for neither of the two involved in the recounts. Enough said about 2000.
Now, Sen. Joe, who stood his ground in the Democratic party when things got hot on the issue of the war in Iraq is paying the price of a very active NET-work of folks on line who wanted to make an example of him. I will give Joe credit. He stood his ground and never backed away from his support of the president on the issue of the war. That took guts.
However, Ned Lamont had a little help from a couple of dear friends. Number one was his massive fortune. Ned dumped a ton of his own money into the race. His choice. But it is tough to see why you might spend millions of your own dollars for the right to be one of a hundred in DC. The second friend that Ned had was the number of people living outside the state and were advised on the doings every day it seemed on line, via the email networking and the blue folks at
Now since the defeat, Sen. Joe has decided to run as an independent. Personally, he probably would win if he sticks with it. With 48% of voting democrats (most of which will stay with him), a huge independent support and probably half of the Republicans in the state, Joe could return for another term. I do not think the Republican has a prayer. The nominee is weak, tainted with issues of funny gambling in New Jersey and most national GOPers probably would rather have Joe with his statesmanship qualities and independent streak.
The key to winning is that "sticks with it". I don't know if Joe can do that. Even though there are a few members of the Senate that are standing by their independent thinking friend (Salazar from Colorado and Nelson from Nebraska) most are switching to support the winner of the primary. And not only is that colleagues but it translates into money. Something that Joe needs big time.
So does the whole independent thing mean that Joe is a sore loser? Probably not. He will rationalize, as will his supporters, that the results were not in the best interest of Connecticut and the country and they should forge on.
With Lieberman in the race in Connecticut, it will be fun watching and from this pasture, a night of re-electing the senator. With him out, it'll be a low turnout, Sen. Ned in Washington and boring viewing on election night.
Gosh, I hopes he sticks it out.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo is a campaign fanatic and has been known to take a vacation day the day after election night because he never went to bed the night before.

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