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The Silly Season of Our Discontent
Politics and personalities that confuse the news.

by Michael H. Thomson
August 30, 2006

This is the silly season and quite frankly this is a silly article. More having to do with my impressions of current events as filtered through "Mike's Mind" than maybe what is actually happening in the world. I'll touch on a few topics and hopefully you'll see what I mean.
Donald Rumsfeld – this one jumps right out at me. Yesterday in Salt Lake City, our Defense Secretary chastised better than 60% of us when he criticized the critics of the War in Iraq. Appeasers he called us. He compared our enemies to the massive forces of fascism that aligned against us in World War II. Of course, this begs the question, Mr. Secretary, if the threat is as serious as you portray it, why aren't we doing more about it? Mr. Rumsfeld must think that all the students of history have died or gone on vacation. There is no way that you can compare Osama bin Laden to Hitler or the forces of terrorism to the marching jackboots of Nazis or the rolling tanks of Soviet domination over Eastern Europe.
In WWII we had ten million men under arms – just from this country. In Iraq our numbers are far less than what is necessary to do the job. We are not even a good police action. Our commitment is lukewarm. Having 150,000 thousand occupiers trying to bring democracy to one of the most illiterate countries on the globe is futile. If George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld were honest brokers – which they are not – they would come clean with the American public and say, "We need 450,000 troops in Iraq to protect the oil reserves and bring up refinery capacity to a point where our tankers are brimming again and the price at the pump is not driving the average American broke." A majority of Americans would understand this kind of talk and would support it.
Hillary Clinton – what a loser! I can't believe Democrats are pinning their hopes on this presidential wannabe! Hillary has got to be the queen of transparency. Does this woman have any core beliefs she lives by or is she driven by winds created by poll numbers and focus groups? It's this simple: Men with shotguns in their closets are not going to vote for Hillary and shotgun sales are up! The Democratic Party is either on the eve of success or destruction. So far no viable Democrat leader has emerged to captain this leaky ship of a party and I would be greatly surprised if we can expect one anytime soon.
Jon Mark Karr – The Jonbenet Ramsey mystery goes on.  Once again, the press and the public were played like a fiddle by another lunatic seeking publicity. Wouldn't it be nice if we could go back to an earlier time when John Mark Karr's claim would be taken at face value and John Mark Karr, the pedophile that he is, could be hauled before a magistrate, make his guilty plea, and then be escorted to the gallows as the throng cheered and vendors sold popcorn.
George Bush and Katrina – George and Karl Rove will never get the correct spin out of this catastrophic event no matter how hard they try. George looking out the window of the plane – dumbfounded – and his laudatory comments to "Brownie" the bygone FEMA director will never be forgotten.
Pat Buchanan – Every time I start to write this guy off, he does something outstanding. His latest achievement is State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America. Pat's book makes a good case for tougher immigration laws. Remember the Mariel boatlift when Cuba opened its jails, prisons, and asylums flooding southern Florida with immigrants. Pat claims in his book that Mexico is doing the same thing on a much larger scale and this is an official but unwritten policy of its government. Pat also claims that our illegal immigration problem is a greater threat to this country than the terrorists or the wartime situation in Iraq. Sigh, it always leaves me contented when someone agrees with me… See It's Time We Invade Mexico... Again!
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Mike Thomson is an adrenaline fed news junkie. Unfortunately there's not enough adrenaline and too much junk...

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