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Reconquistas Go Home!
The time for political correctness is over...

by Michael H. Thomson
September 27, 2006

Paeonian Springs and the rest of Northern Virginia are definitely acquiring a Hispanic flavor. In Purcellville, Virginia – a rapidly growing community in western Loudoun County (a traditional WASP enclave) – there is a popular McDonald's restaurant that is staffed almost 90 percent with people whose language of choice in the kitchen is Spanish. At the risk of being branded a racial profiler, it is difficult not to miss the number of trucks, cars, and pedestrians in this area who are definitely from "south of the border," and I'm not speaking of a popular attraction near the North Carolina and South Carolina border. Luckily for me, because of my background, I am patient with people with strong accents. Some people who have lived in this area for longer than me are becoming increasingly frustrated at having to repeat themselves numerous times when dealing with the newly arrived non-English speaking population in the service industry. A strong subculture of Mexicans, El Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and other Central American Spanish speakers is spreading across the Northern Virginia landscape.
A recent article in the Washington Post bemoans the lack of Spanish interpreters in the federal court system. Every federal court in the United States is now facing this problem because of the Reconquista Invasion.  This is a minor irritation compared to the problems faced by social services, police, and school systems across the country who are overwhelmed and being drowned by the influx. Americans are paying higher taxes for additional costs of services related to this illegal Central American influx.
In Maryville, Tennessee, Jessica Stith for the Daily Times reports this week, a truck wreck killed three men. The three were characterized as Hispanic males and none carried identification. The newspaper account said it would be months before any identification of the bodies would be complete. What is not said is the how much money Blount County, Tennessee will expend investigating and solving this mystery. More money than most Blount County taxpayers feel comfortable paying - for people who shouldn't have been there in the first place!
Because of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Health Act (EMTALA) every emergency room in this country must treat any patient with an "emergency." Illegals are clogging our emergency rooms with babies, injuries, serious illnesses, etc, and because most do not have health insurance, the American taxpayer has to foot the bill. Many come to this country with diseases that are uncommon to our health system - more expenditure and burden to the American taxpayer as well as a danger to our children who go to school with their children.
The United Nations estimates that the traffic in illegal drugs in the United States is worth about 142 Billion dollars. More than three million people in this country are addicted to illegal narcotics most brought in from Mexico. Because of the Reconquistas (illegals), living in this country, Mexican drug lords have a built-in distribution system. The most wanted drug traffickers in this country are Hispanic. If you don't leave this article with anything else, leave with the visual impressions of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency's Most Wanted list. Look at the names and look at the faces.
Our war with Iraq has cost nearly 3000 American lives since 2003. Deaths due to illegal drugs in this country are approximately six times that figure – annually! Mexican drug lords are as much the blame for these deaths as insurgents in Bagdad.
Sometime, in the near future, America is going to have to get her priorities straight. Is our most important war thousands of miles away from our shores or along our southern borders?
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