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It's Wrong - No Matter How You Spin It
Congressman hits on underage pages.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
October 8, 2006

Like many Americans, I have been frustrated for years with what is going on in Washington. I have spent columns talking about the waste of taxpayer's dollars, the millions it takes to get elected, the negative attack attitude in campaigns and in the hallowed halls, along with other examples of the decline of DC.
This week, I watched with interest to see how bad the spin would get with the "Foley issue". If for some reason, you have been out of the universe for the last week or two let me summarize the case quickly. Mark Foley (R-FL) has served in Congress for a number of years. A few years back, Foley was involved in a series of incidents where he would send instant messages (IM's) and emails to Congressional pages and show up at the dormitory of the pages while intoxicated.
His lawyer said that Foley never acted in a sexually inappropriate manor with a minor. Of course not, in DC a 16 year old is not considered a minor. Then, as if it mattered, Foley and co. used the "McGreevey excuse", I'm gay. Gov. James McGreevey used that line when he was disgraced into resignation because of providing his "boy toy" with a government job, etc, etc, etc. At least McGreevey's boyfriend was of age.
But for years, Foley has been known to be gay. People on the hill have known it for more than a dozen years. Sorry, that is not the issue. Straight or gay, bisexual or trysexual (try anything), hitting on someone young enough to be your own child and who is in a position of working for you is just damnable. It's wrong, no matter what.
What is the issue that seems to be the buzz now is, at what point did the leadership of the House know about a fermented frolicking Foley facing a fondle of a fifteen year old? If Foley's actions were well known and documented by the leadership, they should all go. Imagine your workplace. Would a known pedophile is allowed to continue to work around teens in a position of authority? I don't think so. And if so, the company or supervisors or both would pay big time.
Now the question, considering it's almost election time, is will this affect the way you vote in November? If you vote for a Democrat just because Foley is a loser and a Republican, you are only kidding yourself. There are idiots, the unscrupulous in both political parties. But what it should make all of us realize is that political party has nothing to do with ethics or common sense.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo continues to believe in our system of government but sometimes wonders about those elected in it.

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