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Is King George in Danger of Impeachment?
A Modern Pharaoh is Confronted by a Collective Moses.

by Michael H. Thomson
December 13, 2006

One Bible story that has stuck with me over the years is the story of the confrontation between Moses and the Egyptian Pharaoh concerning God's command to deliver the Hebrews from bondage. We see Moses deliver 10 plagues against Egypt and the Pharaoh being resistant to God's will even after the loss of his first-born son. I remember, particularly, the King James Version of the Bible's terminology, which said, and the LORD hardened the heart of Pharaoh and he hearkened not unto them;
Many of us have possibly experienced that heart-hardening situation so I think it is easy for us to realize the plight of the all-powerful Pharaoh when he is dictated to by an 80-year-old man of the desert representing the slave labor force that has kept the country going for 430 years. The Pharaoh did not arise from a democratic tradition but from a culture that sometimes buried their dead leaders accompanied by their very alive wives and slaves. The words empathy and sympathy were not in the vocabulary of this society.
George W. Bush, our leader, is more powerful than any Pharaoh that ever lived. He has buttons on an electronic device - carried  by an aide -that can be pushed and decimate three quarters of the world. He can block ports, invade countries, and destabilize regimes. Like the Pharaoh, George W. Bush comes from a dynasty that is accustomed to ruling. The Bush family stopped identifying with terms like common man, little people, and average Joe shortly after the election of grandfather Prescott Bush to the Senate in 1952. The Bushes, like the Kennedy's, are political nobility in a country which fought a revolution, that among other things, abolished royalty.
You might have missed it, but there was an almost tragic event on TV a couple of weeks ago. It was the sad spectacle of former President George H.W. Bush breaking down and crying during a speech honoring outgoing Governor Jeb Bush in Florida. Unless you are a political junky, you probably don't know that the original Bush family plan was for Jeb to follow his father's example and eventually occupy the throne. George W. Bush upset that little plan and went his own way. Jeb was the good son – the one who never caused the family any trouble. The one, who because of age, timing, and the mess his brother has made – will never live on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
The people of the United States have grown increasingly fatigued with President George W. Bush and his inability to govern. New Orleans comes to mind, illegal immigrants flooding the countryside, and corrupt officials in his party and administration.
The Iraq War, however, draws the most ire from the populace (you know – the little people and the average Joes). As I am writing this a poll was just released that says over 70 percent of the population disapproves of his handling of the war. That kind of figure tempts me to put some labels on the 30 percent that approve, but I'll save that for another article.
Like the old Pharaoh, George W. Bush, seems to have a hardening of the heart when it comes to this issue. That is a nice way of saying that this representative of American political royalty is arrogant.
The recent election, which threw out the Republicans in both houses of Congress, was more than a warning shot across the President's bow. It was a naked unveiled threat. The American people are demanding change – and now!
George W. Bush is still misinterpreting and dismissing the public will. Just today, he postponed announcing what his new strategy will be in Iraq. He had originally scheduled his announcement for a few days before Christmas. Now he will not reveal that strategy until sometime in January 2007. 
The new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated that she will not entertain impeachment motions against the President. The Speaker however in my opinion has little power to stop a groundswell for impeachment if it happens on her watch.
If George W. Bush continues hardening his heart against the collective will of the American people, he and possibly even the Vice-President will be impeached and it will surpass Watergate in it's destructiveness to the American People and our government.
When the new Congress convenes in January and the new committee chairmen get access to the files and material they have been denied during the past six years, the wailing and gnashing of teeth will be worst than what came out of old Egypt on the discovery of the dead first-borns… Be prepared!
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About the Author:
Mike Thomson does not want to see the country ripped apart by another impeachment.

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