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Hall of Fame is for the Best
Baseball's Vote Will Say Volumes.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
January 7, 2007

Tuesday is the day. The votes are announced for those players who will be inducted into the Baseball's Hall of Fame. There are many great players who will have the opportunity to be selected this year including two well known names in the American sport.
Cal Ripken and Mark McGwire.
Ripken is well known for his iron man accomplishment of playing 21 years all in Baltimore, playing in 2,632 consecutive games, over 3,000 hits, 2 MVP awards and 19 All-Star games.
McGwire is best known for two things. First, breaking Babe Ruth's and Roger Maris' records dealing with home runs in the memorable season of 1998. Even folks that were not baseball fans were watching day by day tallies of who was ahead, either McGwire or Sammy Sosa. The second thing that McGwire is known for is something that he has never been accused of formally much less convicted of and that is the use of steroids.
The only question surrounding Ripken is, "will he get 100% of the vote?" There is no doubt that he will be selected this first time around. Regarding the 100% of the vote, the answer will probably be no. No one in the history of voting for Hall of Fame members has ever received all 500+ votes. Many have come close. Tom Seaver. Nolan Ryan. Even the man whose record Ripken broke for most consecutive games, Ty Cobb couldn't get 100%. But for someone to receive an affirmative vote from each of 500 people would be pretty slim. But he will make it in grand style.
McGwire won't make it. I hope I'm wrong. Big Mac was one of a few players that brought the excitement back to the game after suffering strikes, poor viewer ship and even worse attendance in person. McGwire did something that players have been striving to do for decades. But it won't matter. He won't make it because of a question mark next to his image – steroid usage.
I realize that being voted into "the Hall" is no court of law where you are innocent until being proved guilty. But, come on. Either charge him for use of an illegal substance or accept his accomplishments.
Seems as though we want neither.
Actually, some writers have suggested a "better baseball through chemistry" wing of Cooperstown if McGwire does make it. I'm sorry. Grow up. Accept that he has done great things for the game and deserves to be there.
Some say wait a few years to see if anything comes of the allegation of steroid usage. Do you really think we are going to know more than we do now? I doubt it.
Both players and hundreds others have excelled at their sport and deserve the final recognition of the Hall of Fame.
Iron Man Ripken and Big Mac are two of them. Tuesday, we'll find out if voters agree.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo will never be eligible for any hall of fame. But he outstanding in his field … or pasture.

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