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Political Correctness and Revisionism
The pragmatism of fools.

by Michael H. Thomson
January 10, 2007

There is a general trend among the intelligentsia in this country to make Americans ashamed of certain acts and characters in our history. It is if these same fools could go back in time, rewrite events, and create people who met their fluid standards of political correctness. One such attempt that still reverberates even in 2007 is the vilification of Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus has been held responsible by the politically correct crowd for slavery, racism, genocide and the destruction of the environment.   The truth is, although the politically correct cannot accept it, that Christopher Columbus was a product of his time. There can be no rewriting of that, it just is. If someone else had landed in the West Indies in 1492 results and methods would have been roughly the same. Unsuspecting natives would have been forced into Christianity and slavery, and Western European values would have dominated the primitives.

Another character vilified unmercifully by the politically correct, and stupid, is Andrew Jackson. Jackson is condemned for moving the Indian population (notice I didn't say Native American) from the southern Appalachians and southern Indian territories to Oklahoma. Again, I ask, can this be rewritten? It happened, just as the internment of American born Japanese during World War II happened.

Just recently on National People's Radio, as I prefer to call National Public Radio, humorist Garrison Keillor made note of the January 8, 1815 victory of Andrew Jackson over the British in New Orleans at Chalmette Plantation. Keillor tried to defuse the impact of Jackson 's victory by reminding the listening audience that the British and Americans had signed the Treaty of Ghent – which effectively ended the war – two weeks earlier. Given the British's history with the early colonies, do you suppose, if they had won the battle instead of Jackson , that they would have honored the treaty? I think not.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, recently held a conference in Tehran where the conferees gathered for one purpose – the denial of the Holocaust. A Jewish hoax they say. This is the ultimate of political correctness/revisionism.

If I hear one more comparison of the Iraq War to World War II, I think I will puke. There is no comparison. In World War II, we had  millions of citizens under arms. There was a national commitment to winning. Almost everyone had a close relative wearing a uniform. The American people knew that if we didn't win the war that either, Hitler or Hideki Tojo or possibly both, would eventually have our kids learning mandatory German or Japanese.  Al Qaeda and radical Islam are a serious threat, no doubt, but as threats go, they pale in comparison to other outside threats this nation faces - or has faced in the past.

Unchecked illegal immigration is already threatening our culture. The ongoing invasion of millions of illegals will have longer lasting effect on our government and institutions than any threat posed by Islamists. Then there is China...

Our government and administrations, which include two Bush's and a Clinton, have appeased the economic invasion of the Chinese. They have flooded our markets, bought up our treasury notes, and contributed their own number to the illegal immigrant invasion that is ongoing.

It is time for American's and our representative politicians to start looking at the world as it really is and to focus our efforts in effectively dealing with problems that if ignored could hasten the demise of the American Dream. Historical Revisionism and political correctness will eventually turn that dream into a nightmare. 



About the Author:
Mike Thomson believes in telling it like it is and moving forward, not telling it like it wasn't and falling off the edge of the earth.

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