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And Mama Makes 15
2008 Presidential Field is Getting Crowded.

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
January 28, 2007

Well, the biggest "no surprise" came up this past week when Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that she had filed the paperwork to become a candidate for president of the United States. Now HRC has been running for president for a long time, but this week she made it official. She stated: "I'm in it to win." Well, duh? If you are willing to jump into the fray, you are definitely not in the race for a trip to Iowa in the winter.
Clinton joins Democrats John-boy Edwards, Chris "I abandoned my buddy Joe Liebermann" Dodd, Tom "Iowa's favorite son" Vilsack, Dennis "I was against the war before it was cool" Kucinich and Barack "minimal experience, but lookin' good" Obama. Of course Joe Biden, Wes Clark, Al Gore and Bill Richardson are waiting in the wings. Who knows Howard Dean could give it another shot.
I guess the somewhat surprise happened when "I could have been president if I spent all of the campaign's money and left the humor to late night comedians" John Kerry said no thanks to another run. Yes, I am still a little bent that a serious candidate for the White House would leave a million dollars unspent in his campaign account. Hey Kerry, smart move. Enjoy your millions and stay at home.
So Mama is in and Herman Munster is out. So how will this play out around the country? Hillary is a national favorite for the Dems but she has to go through some farm land in the Midwest and a stroll down south to make it. But odds makers in Vegas already have her the nominee with odds of 11/10. (Odds makers have the field set out like this: Hillary, Mark Warner 3-1, Obama 7-2, Gore 4-1, Dr. Dean 4-1, and John-boy 5-1.)
Hillary made the talk shows after and in the days following the State of the Union address on Tuesday night. And it sounded very predictable from her and every other Democrat. Not that they were wrong but it was predictable. Now, Hillary is in Iowa this weekend but she stayed in the cities. Come on, Senator. Come to the pasture. Tip a couple of cows with an area FFA chapter. Put on some jeans that cost less than $100. Can you handle a campaign in Iowa?
Well, the next 12 months will show if she can muster the Midwestern support. The senator has some proving to do in this neighbor of the show-me state. But the good news is for Iowans is that if she has no limit to her campaign spending, our economy here will be in great shape in 2007.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo is waiting for the chance to go toe to hoof with the Senator. There’s no better way to get a favorable column and definitely no way to get the caucus vote unless she does.

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