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Mike Thomson's Political Evolution
Or, how I left Grandpa and found Lou Dobbs...

by Michael H. Thomson
January 31, 2007

Where do we get our political views? Sometimes we inherit the views of our parents. To be liked we may attach ourselves to the views of our friends, or even our church. How many of you are saying, "been there, done that!"
In my case, my political views have gone through a long convoluted evolution.
As a child, I revered my grandfather, who was a "Roosevelt" Democrat. "Pa" had chased Mexican bandito Pancho Villa, fought in France during WWI, was captured by Germans – escaped, and lived on the lam, hiding out in rural France with sympathetic farmers before being repatriated. His experiences in that war shaped the rest of his life and the lives of his family.
Growing up in such a family it was considered traitorous to say a kind word towards the other side. Republicans were evil, rich, and trampled on the common man. Given the experience my grandfather and my parents had during the Great Depression, it was not too difficult to adopt this viewpoint.
Because of the long military history in my family, ancestors, grandfather, dad, uncles, and cousins – all serving honorably, a military career was viewed as a good way to spend one's life. In the Sixties because of the institution known as the draft, most of my generation of young men faced at least a partial career in the armed service.
Being inclined towards the military was not a popular thing to do during this period. People looked at you funny if you wore a uniform. Some of your brothers in arms were being spat upon and taunted by longhaired freaky people who wore a chicken foot symbol on their t-shirts.
Increasingly the people doing the taunting and the draft dodging were associated with the Democratic Party. Little did I know, then, that some of the worst draft dodgers would be Republican leaders in the future. Nevertheless, my view of the longhaired "chicken foot" people swung me towards the Republicans and away from the views of my grandfather and the rest of the family.
After Vietnam, the now respectable "chicken foot" people did their part to ruin the military. It wasn't until Ronald Reagan came along that restoration began. Again, unsophisticated as I was, I didn't realize that Reagan wasn't really a traditional Republican. As a good actor, he played the part magnificently. Then Rush Limbaugh appeared…
When I first heard Limbaugh in late 1988, like many others, I lapped his words up and incorporated them into my own political philosophy. There were incongruities between my views and Limbaugh's views in some areas, but I chose to ignore them. I eschewed the Clinton's and embraced the Bush family. Then it got weird….
This little guy with big ears and a penchant for charts and pointers arrived on the scene. He made more sense than the Clinton's or the Bush's, or Limbaugh. Later he was branded as "crazy" and I never mentioned to anyone that I voted for him.
It was after Perot that I began the transition to what I am today - an Independent Populist. I had my brushes with cynical business types who were adherents of the "global economy" and whose loyalty to America is a secondary devotion instead of primary. Both political parties are rife with these people.
When I started thinking this way, I glumly accepted the fact that I was odd and was out of step with most of my Democrat and Republican peers. Then I encountered Lou Dobbs.
From the time of the first Gulf War and through the influence of Limbaugh, I had stopped viewing CNN. About two months ago, I visited 202 on Direct TV and found Dobbs.
At first I thought something was screwy because this was the person that used to do the business report, now he was talking politics with an attitude. Then I heard his theme, "War on the Middle Class."
This was why I had been feeling glum. I, like many millions of Americans are at war, not with some foreign potentate, but with traitors to the American Dream.
Traitors who move our jobs overseas, traitors who create conditions that nearly bankrupt companies like GM and Ford, traitors who wink and nod as millions cross our borders and live in our country illegally working for less money than our citizens, and last but not least, traitors who find it offensive and politically incorrect to put America first.
Dobbs is going to be one of the voices I listen to until someone shuts him up.
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About the Author:
Mike Thomson used to think there was a bright future for our grandchildren. Unfortunately he sees these little tykes fighting - in our own streets...

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