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Far From An Equal Partner
Blair pulling troops from Iraq.

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
February 25, 2007

I must admit that I had thought that Tony Blair and company in Great Britain were our partners in this conflict to defeat the axis of evil in Iraq. Somewhere along the way I thought they had plenty of troops in that wicked country helping to win the war for the allies.
This week, Blair announces that he is withdrawing 25% of his forces. He is withdrawing a whopping 1,600 troops. Big deal! He's had 7,100 troops in the country. And we have lost half that many ourselves.
Thanks Blair, you are sure a major player and partner in this effort.
And they just happened to be in a part of Iraq where they could kick some butt and turn over the fighting to the Iraqis. And where are our troops? Right in the middle of hell itself and the President wants to send in more.
Sorry but maybe I have been the victim of too many cow tipping exercises. I thought that we were going to have some help in this war. Our biggest ally gets the wimpy side of country to say they are in the conflict, send in 7,100 troops and we are getting more and more of our troops killed.
And if this wasn't bad enough, W is celebrating that Blair is pulling his troops out. Talk about spin from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. "They done their job and are a shining example to the freedom loving people of the world, yada yada yada." Barf.  
Oh, I'm so glad that the Prime Minister has been our partner in this battle against terror. The troops from Great Britain have accomplished their mission and now they can go home. Well, George, if they are so damn good at doing their job why not let them continue doing something in another part of the country and keep some of our troops home? Our troops are doing their best I'm sure, but why oh, why does Blair get to reunite British families at a time when you want to separate 20,000 US troops from theirs?
I guess my confidence in this administration and their plans for furthering the conflict just don't make sense in this pasture. Then again, they never have made any sense. At this point, I'm not sure whose plans make sense. Surely not, the bait and switch folks left over in Congress. Yes, yes, WMD's, let's go, mission accomplished, bomb, fight, yellow ribbons, die you Iraqi scum – whoops, the country now says this isn't a good idea – bring our boys home! Thanks Democrats – you are living up to your mascot in true blue form.
Maybe I should just cover the domestic front for a while.

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