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A Cure for Infertility
The scoop is ice crème?

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
May 27, 2007

It was almost 28 years ago when my wife and I were told that we would not be able to have children. It was a tough time and we discussed some interesting ways to change what was determined to be fact. But there is one option that would have been easier than what we tried and now has scientific proof.
A trip to the Dairy Queen one night. To Baskin Robins the next and off to Cold Stone Creamery for the next. Order in Schwan's for the nights at home.
Gotta love science!
Well, the idea may sound crazy but it is part of a published study in the Journal of Human Reproduction in Europe with research at Harvard School of Public Health. The research shows that women of childbearing years that eat one serving of fatty dairy food daily would be more likely to ovulate. Low fat dairy products actually could cause trouble in conceiving.
Here's the scoop. The research was conducted by asking women what their diet was and not dietary issues studied in a traditional testing.
True scientific research shows that not ovulating is to blame in only about a third of the cases of infertility so this "study" wouldn't apply to every couple. Actually obesity could affect issues of conception too so don't rush out to camp out at your neighborhood ice crèam dispenser.  
The study found little to no link between a diet complete with dairy food and infertility. The conclusions were drawn because of what appeared to be a link between women that could not ovulate and ate yogurt versus high fat dairy products. Other research has determined that exercise levels along with unhealthy weight loss or gain is still suspected for more infertility issues. Weight on either side of the scale is not good for women and can affect her ability to become pregnant.
One doctor commented, after examining the research: "It's not that having high fat (diet) is positive. It's that being on a diet may be bad for reproduction."
The study also stated that once a woman has conceived and given birth, she should be careful about continuing with too many high fat products. Researchers recommended they should switch back to a low fat dairy food once the baby is born.
So permission to stay on the desert side of the buffet line won't last forever.

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