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Red River Rivalry Takes Ugly Turn
Texas - Oklahoma feud turns blood red.

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
September 23, 2007

Now, I am proud of my school. I would wear my polo shirt with university logo stitched on the front. Most places. I wouldn't wear it into a bar deep in the heart of rival territory without armed guards and even then, a death wish. And I would advise like fans to be careful about what they wear where. For example, I wouldn't wear a Nebraska shirt into a sports bar in Boulder. I wouldn't wear a Buckeye jacket into a bar in Ann Arbor. And I sure wouldn't wear a Texas shirt in Oklahoma.
But Brian Thomas didn't ask my advice. And it cost him big time.
Thomas walked into an Oklahoma bar with a t-shirt sporting his favorite team, the Texas Longhorns. Needless to say, he was immediately the focus of some ugly stares and even some "trash talk". The trash talk continued until Thomas finished his drink and decided to leave. While paying his bar tab, another patron approached him. One thing led to another. A push led to a shove. Then a knife came out. The fight began between these two fans of the football powerhouses. After a tumble or two, the other customers stepped in to break it up.
By the time Thomas realized what happened, his white shorts wear red with blood. His scrotum had been knifed open and his testicles were exposed. It took 60 stitches to sew him up at the emergency room.
The "he said, he said" discussion has continued with the attorneys for the case as they are trying the case in the public media before a court date in October. "Your client jumped mine." "It was self defense." "Can't take a little ribbing."
Like I said, the next court date will take place on Thursday, October 4. The timing couldn't be more appropriate. Texas and Oklahoma square off in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas that Saturday.
The case will be decided on the facts of the matter and not on college loyalties. The District Attorney said that the rivalry will be set aside during the trial in order to find out who hit who first. "It appears that it (the rivalry) played a part in the fight, but it won't play any more of a role in our handling of the case than a fight over a girl or a car or a song on the jukebox." Yeah, right.
And where are you going to find an impartial jury in either state?

About the Author:
Mr. Moo won’t wear the shirt in the wrong bar and will change the ring tone on his phone before heading into “enemy territory”.

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