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Observations after a Hiatus
Its good to be back!

by Michael H. Thomson
September 26, 2007

I'm back! If you've noticed, this column hasn't appeared in about a month. Construction and remodeling at the hacienda forced me out of my comfortable writing hovel and now I have to clutter accommodations that are more spacious. I hope I can get used to an area where I can place a coffee cup without endangering the keyboard. Though I have been absent, I've been keeping up with events around me and you guessed it – I have observations to relate. Here are a few:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – This guy is moving down a track that is predictably going to bring doom and destruction to a great number of people. At Columbia University – which I would call a liberal enclave – the school president uncharacteristically chastised the Iranian president coming short of calling him and idiot and a boob. If Adolph Hitler had gotten such early negative exposure there might have been a chance that civilization could have avoided World War II. Even the President of France is calling for war as a possible solution to stopping Iran's nuclear ambitions. I have a simpler solution. In selective situations, where thousands more of our young people may be endangered, I advocate using the American sniper as a tool of foreign policy.
Warren Jeffs – This pervert who calls himself a prophet finally got justice in an American court. The successful verdict in the rape case of Jeffs will bring more cases against members of this Mormon splinter group, which advocates forced marriages of minor girls and wholesale polygamy. Of course, the conviction of Jeffs and subsequent convictions to follow will not eliminate the sub-culture that promotes such behavior. Only the citizens of Utah can do that – if they have the will.
Hillary Clinton – Why can't I like this woman?
The Largest Landfill in the U.S.? – Currently the Puentes Hills Landfill near Los Angeles holds that title. However if some landfill developers in Tampa get their way, Conecuh Woods Landfill in  rural southwest Alabama will hold that record. The Tampa group proposes taking 5000 acres of pristine woodland and converting it into a trash dump. Now you're probably wondering how a rural sparsely populated area in south Alabama could produce that much trash. They can't. The proposed site would have the ability to receive trash from all over the U.S. by truck and rail. The local residents are fighting this plan with vigor. They have hired the legal firm of Kennedy and Madonna to join them in their fight. The Kennedy in this duo is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Meanwhile, the largest landfill in Alabama, which is, located less than 15 miles away from the Conecuh Woods site has been leaking mercury into the groundwater. Don't you think our brilliant engineers and scientists in this country could come up with less intrusive and safer ways to dispose of trash?
Poor Condolezza – If international reports are true, the Pope dodged an audience with Condolezza Rice to discuss the Mideast and Iraq. I personally view Ms. Rice as one of the more honorable members of the Bush cabinet – given its history. I hope our Secretary of State still has a political future after January 2009.  I would definitely cast a vote for her if the opportunity arises.
The Iraq War – I was chastised by one of you for not mentioning the war in the last column I did in this particular format. I confess that like many Americans, I have become weary of the subject. However, I will not retreat from my earlier view that we will be in Iraq for a long time past the Bush Administration.  Even if that unmentionable woman becomes President, don't count on a hasty retreat…
Until next time…

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The stuff Mike Thomson writes about is too serious. He promises to write a fun article about Stacey, the long-haired Chihuahua sometime in the near future.

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