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Crazy Like a Fox
Are Bill's attacks nothing more than a diversion?

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
January 27, 2008

These past few months, I have been watching the candidates and one other person, Bill Clinton. I have watched as he toured through Iowa telling me and thousands others that Hillary was ready to be president. She was also telling everyone that she was ready, by way of his record.  
Iowa didn't buy it. Our precinct was like many others that showed that new voters went for Obama, many women went for Hillary just because she is a woman, and the party faithful went for Edwards and in much smaller numbers; Dodd, Biden and Richardson.
It was then that we saw the diversionary tactics come out. Bill went into his attack dog mode and Clinton won New Hampshire and Nevada. It didn't work in South Carolina but it began to get attention of others than just myself.
It's déjà vu for many Democrats as we remember the 1992 conventions. The talk on the stage with the GOP convention and all the talk shows wasn't Bill and his philandering. It was Hillary and her baking cookies. It was Hillary becoming the center of attention. It was a plan that worked beautifully. Distract America from Bill and his foolin' around, from his legislative agenda and focus on Hillary.
It worked. Bush 41 got very little bump from the convention because everyone was focused on Hillary, among other reasons.
Bill is now returning the favor.
Hillary is involved in a positive campaign while she let's her husband distract not only the voters but also her opponents by throwing mud. And it is working. The know it all's are talking about how Bill is taking the low road and hitting Obama below the belt. The media is focusing on Bill and so is Obama.
All the while, Hillary is trying to stay above the fray and campaigning across the country from her husband. And it seems to be working.
The question is, should the American people be concerned that this is going on?
It's not a matter of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. It's a matter about America. And still Hillary with little reason to be in the lead, still leads nation wide. Every bit of logic says that she is where she is in the polls today for one reason – she is married to Bill. She rode with him to the White House and now she is using him to get back there again.
Sure, she has accomplished much as a professional but so have other women. And many others have done so much more. But Hillary is in the race and they aren't.
And if things don't change, she will be in the White House and they won't.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo hopes that Democrats realize they could do so much better. Hillary will unite, but she’ll unite the Republicans for November.

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