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Election Attention Is on Iowa?
And Hillary blew it big time, again.

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
March 17, 2008

With the scramble for delegates, you would think that Hillary Clinton would be doing everything she could to hold on to her delegates and gain even more. But that was not the case in Iowa this past weekend. And you thought Iowa was all done in January.
Actually, the delegate selection process that started in January continued over the weekend here in Iowa. Hillary won the county surrounding my pasture but lost the state to Barack Obama. But not anymore.
At the county assembly, delegates were seated based on the vote in January at the Hawkeye Caucii. That is if enough delegates show up. Well, Hillary, your folks are so occupied in Pennsylvania or slandering your opponent and presumptuous nominee, Barack Obama that you forgot to send your allotted delegates to the county conventions in Iowa. Dumb move.
You slipped from a strong first place showing in some counties to second and in some counties even third behind a rowdy bunch of John Edwards supporters that are hanging tight with their chosen candidate. Why would you ignore the delegate selection in Iowa when you claim to be scrambling for every delegate?
In one county in Iowa, out of over 300 county delegates with over 40% pledged to support you, barely half of the delegates even bothered to show up. Even with your alternates, you could barely muster up 25%. What is your campaign thinking? In that same county, Obama's folks showed up at 100% strength and had alternates begging to be seated to support their candidate.
And this was after a series of robo-calls that Edwards's delegates received begging them to be on a conference call with the Hill herself just hours before the conventions took place.
The Edwards folks were passionate around the state, determined to have a say in the selection of the nominee and about the future of their favorite candidate. They showed up with buttons on and a hope to make a strong statement to the world and maybe to the candidate that they were not going away without a fight.
Part of me wasn't surprised about the results because Hillary doesn't do well in caucus states and actually appears to despise that selection process. But when your down and the end is in sight, you would think that if she really wanted the nomination, she would have been t there in full force. She should have taken a day off of Pennsylvania and flown to Des Moines to make a surprise appearance to rally her troops and court the Edwards folks that could have made a difference. But no.
It goes to show me that all she is interested in is herself and the campaign is just a means to an end to say to the world that "poor me, I'm just a victim". Victim, yes. But of her own arrogant attitude.
She would be better off to go back to NYC and hope to upset Sen. Reid for the Senate Majority Leader position. We can only hope that Senate democrats are as smart as the voters and turn her down for that as well.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo can see that the process is just about over. He only hopes that the powers that be will see it soon as well.

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