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The More Things Change...
Except at high school dances.

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
March 23, 2008

There are many activities that I have been involved in the pasture. One of my favorite things to do is hang out with high school students. They invigorate me. When I see most students now a day, I have the confidence of the future and great things coming for our world. But you must understand, my pasture is pretty small potatoes compared to most pastures in the country.
Our little school has fewer students in the high school, barely 250, than I had in my graduating class, and I think my school was medium size.
So when I was asked to chaperone a dance at a school that was larger than my entire community, I thought, "what the hey, this should be no problem".
During the night, I heard music that I've heard at dances that our church has even sponsored for the community kids. I heard music that I danced to in the early 1970's. I saw no sneaking out for a drink between songs, in part because the police were standing at the door with breathalyzers for all who would enter in. The attire worn by most was school acceptable. Yes, I know there were some skirts and dresses that were shorter than some sport coats worn by the guys. But I see that at the mall or school too.
There were a few minor differences at this event. I did see one girl show up that was obviously 5-6 months pregnant. (Her's was one of the shorter skirts probably because it wasn't made to fit over the protruding baby belly.) You probably wouldn't have seen that at small town dances.
So what was caused me some concern?
It was one situation of a student who was restricted at school and was refused admission to the dance. She shows up all baby dolled up in quite the dress ready for a night with her friends. She shows up to find out that she is on the "no admission" list. Then the drama queen came out. She first got angry, denying any infraction that would cause the school to take an "you can't come in" position. Then when the anger and denials didn't work, she began to tear up and thought that might work. Well, I was beginning to soften but the administration and other chaperones that were there weren't budging an inch. Then came the issue that really bothered me.
She calls Daddy.
When the tears don't work, call in the reinforcement known as parent who will threaten everything from "I'll have your job" to "Don't you know who I am?" Well, I sat back and watched the drama. This went on for about 30 minutes until Daddy gave up and let in a huff, threatening that "you haven't heard the end of this".
I did check with the administration in attendance and they said this procedure of getting what you want goes on daily at the school. Whether it's an issue of taking away little precious' cell phone or showing up after a series of unexcused absences, parents are normally called in to bail out their little princess. And they do come to school hollering and threatening everything you could imagine. One principal told me that their day is spent with parents like this for hours each and every day. Fortunately, they have learned how to be tougher than nails.
Are we raising a select group of kids that will call for Daddy to bail them out for everything? Will Daddy be willing to call the employer or the college and holler until their little girl gets away with the offense of the week? It sounds like we are, according to this principal.
And that is my concern. Where is the concept of taking responsibility for your own actions?
Maybe that went out with leisure suits and polyester slacks.  

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Mr. Moo may be a little more selective of the activities that he agrees to supervise in the future.

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